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75 Life Changing Tips To Help You Win At Life

Everything You Need To Create The Life Of Your Choice

Are you satisfied and happy with the way your life is heading or deep down do you believe there has to be more?

Do you desire to become and do better, have you got an inspiration for self grow, is the real you being buried and suppressed.

It is human nature to want to continually grow and constantly get better at the things you do as well as striving to become a better version of yourself.

This does not mean that there is something wrong with you and you don't need to improve or change your personality or character, just strive to be the best version of you.

Self growth is all about acquiring new skills or improving your existing skill levels and generally living the best life experience possible.

You don't need to improve, self improvement is a bad choice of words, the reason for this is, it suggests that there is something wrong with you, which is not true, because you're already good enough.

You might be surprised to know that you already have all the inner resources and abilities that you need, so you don't need to improve, get better and better, yes, turn failure into success, yes, reprogramming your brain yes, and become the best version of you yes.

Personal development, entails challenging yourself and improving your knowledge through continual learning, researching, applying and doing.

It is all about applying the knowledge you learn because knowledge is only powerful if you apply it to your life.

Many people think that they can't be good at everything or they cannot achieve happiness in every area of their life. 

However, it's possible to be good and excel at many things, because you can be happy and successful in all area's of your life.

Life is a progressive journey which is meant to be an enjoyable experience of adventure, excitement and continuous learning, expansion, growing and creating. 

We are supposed to create so we can have the best life possible as well as contributing to make the world a better place.

But it's not just the real world and the material side of things where we need to work on, growth should also involve both the physical and non physical side of us, such as

  • Emotionally 
  • Spiritually
  • Your creativity 
  • Relationships 
  • Intellect 
  • Learning 
  • Skill levels 
  • Personal development
Although sometimes change can take time, and the idea of personal development is to continue to grow and strive to get better and better, where you make progressive improvements.

According to one of the worlds leading personal development guru's Tony Robbins, change can happen much quicker than you may have thought.

You should always be yourself and stay true to you, because you're already good enough, your goal should be, to become the best version of you and have the best life experience possible.

Start off with small changes and steps and gradually let the new better you build and grow and one day you will be that ideal you.

There is nothing more satisfying in life than 

  • Finding the solutions to your problems 
  • Answers to your questions 
  • Achieving your goals 
  • Learning and growing as a human and a spiritual being 
  • Going beyond your limitations 
  • Taking on new challenges 
  • Living your life by design, not default 
  • Becoming emotionally free 
  • Taking control of your health and wealth
The foundations for a happy life are, bringing your mind and body into balance and a state of calm.

When we worry or are giving our focus of attention to things that are not wanted or things that upset us it changes the way we feel.

If we are experiencing stress or strong negative emotions such as anger or anxiety, then it will throw our whole physiology out of balance.

The mind and body are linked. This means when you tense your body you will have tense thoughts, when you slump you will have sad and insecure thoughts.

The things that will either move you towards the life you want or take you away

  • The words you speak and the thoughts you pursue
  • The stories you tell yourself and the picture you create in your mind 
  • The beliefs you choose and make
  • Your physiology 
  • Actions you take 
Good health, happiness and emotional welling can be achieved when your mind, body and your biological system is balanced.

Most of our problems occur when our body and system becomes out of balanced.

Some of the most fundamental and important key elements that can affect our happiness, good health and emotional well-being are
  • Diet-Food intolerance/sensitivity, bad bacteria in the gut, unhealthy low in nutritional value foods
  • Nutrition Deficiency
  • Stress
  • Good quality restorative restless sleep, relaxation
  • Emotional
  • Activity and exercise 
  • Good relationships with your family, partner, friends and work colleagues
The biggest enemy that anybody can have in life, is having tension in the mind and tension in the body.

The ideal body posture could be described as standing, sitting and moving efficiently with the least amount of tension and effort.

You need to bring your body back into balance, where you and your body are in the flow state where your body is ticking over at its most efficient peak performance state.

If you're interested in personal grow and bettering yourself, then you will find plenty of very helpful information and programs displayed throughout this website so you can be free to discover and enjoy the rest of your life.

Most people have got so used to feeling bad, they do not know how great it feels to feel good and relaxed.

Learning how to relax with techniques such as meditation can improve your immune system, give you more energy, reduce your stress, which will prevent harmful toxins being released into your body as well as making you feel good.

1) Rules To A better Life 

2) Develop Emotional Intelligence

Understanding your emotions will help you to get to know yourself better, and emotional intelligence is developing the ability to be able to assess and manage your emotions so you can control and quickly change your state at will.

Emotions, make or break us, they are the difference between living a good, successful and happy and fulfilling life, and living a life of struggle, failure and pain. 

So before you can move to a better life experience or achieve greater success, you will first need to become the master of your emotions, instead of being the victim and slave of them.

Because, if you want to be a happy and successful, then you need to start to be able to identify what thought processes make you feel, angry, anxious, negative or sad. 

Then you need to be mindful to any shift in your state so you can quickly dismiss and disconnect yourself from any bad feeling thoughts, so you can focus on anything that does not evoke a negative emotional reaction, which will bring you back to the peace of the here and now.

Emotional intelligence is not all about your thoughts, it also involves, becoming aware of all the different types of situations that cause you to react badly or even cause you to hold back, not act and play it safe.

It will also give you and insight into your moods, and it will give you a better understanding of what makes you feel good and what doesn't, and it will allow you to gain control of your moods and your stress.

3) Use Positive Language and intentions

To become the best version of you then you will need to start to drop all those self restricting negative words and phrases.

Make it a new habit to use positive words, language and intentions, by dropping all those self sabotaging words like, can't, don't, never and not.

For many people, it becomes a well practiced habit to use negative words in their inner dialogue or the words that they speak.

Any time you catch yourself using negative language, flip it over and say something positive like, I can, I am capable even if you're not feeling it.

Because negative words can keep you stuck in the self sabotage and victim loop and the only way out of this negative feedback loop is to use positive language.

If you are struggling, be less specific and go more general, because at the start of your rise to becoming better, you want to avoid thinking about your bad situation, so it can help to start off with more general intentions, like bit by bit things will get better.

The three secrets to success depend on

  1. The thoughts you think  
  2. The words you speak
  3. The actions you take

4) It's You That Really Matters

All material things are temporary and although it is important to have the best life experience as you possibly can, the thing that matters the most to you is you.

There is an old saying which states, "There is nothing like your first love"

And it is true to a degree, your first love is special, but a physical relationship is not your first love, your first love is the love you have with yourself.

Because the love you have with you is eternal and unbreakable and unlike physical love with another person which is an expression of your love, which can be taken away from you at anytime.

Nothing can ever take away the love your inner being has for you, because the inner you is always there for you and it will never let you down

So learn to love you, like you and make peace with yourself.

Make your mind a place of peace, release all pain and let go of all suffering and find your happy place, learn to love yourself and your life.

You will find your true happy place, when you stop allowing outside situations and circumstances from upsetting you, and when you can feel good internally without relying on anything extertnal.  

5) Set Your Goals And Never Give Up 

Without goals we achieve very little, we don't move forward and when we don't move forward we get bored and stagnate so it's important to set your goals and then see them through to completion. 

Goals are not all about the action, yes, you have to be committed and inspired to do the work, but sometimes people neglect the mental and emotional side of things.  

All goals start as an idea or vision in the mind and then you start to bring that vision into your reality and to be the best you have to feel at your best.

This means no more wasted time trying to be something you're not, no more aiming for perfection, just be yourself, stop focusing on your worries and fears and put all your energy on achieving your goals and pursuing your passions.

And secondly never give up, if you're struggling or things aren't working out don't quit, or you will never achieve your goal.

On your journey to achieving your goal, you will have some ups and downs and sometimes, the stress and frustration between what you want in life and where you are at the moment, can push you to breaking point and leave you feeling disappointed and feeling like a failure.

The easier option is to give in and stop dreaming, rather than put up with the constant reminder and pain that you're not achieving the results you expected and deserve.

But when you quit, you will ever know what might have been, and it is always better to do than to do nothing, 

In these trying times, you have to dig deep and get back up, and sometimes to get where you want, it is necessary to ignore what is and just keep focusing on what will be and just strive to be the best at what you do, or at what you want to do.

6) Face Adversity And Come Through It

No matter who you are or how well your doing there will be times in your life when everything around you will seem like it is falling apart. 

The key is how you deal with challenging situations and how quickly you can bounce back and get over disappointments.  

You don't get over hardships or struggles, otherwise you will enter a long and gruelling battle which will lead to more negative energy, more negative thoughts and more suffering. 

A better way to overcome struggle and hardship is to do spend some time relaxing deeply, then focus on something more pleasing, more enjoyable and more productive.

Accept what is and then deal with it and move forward in a positive direction. Do not allow other people or outside influences to grind you down and sap you of your energy.

Use your adversity to motivate you to drive you on to be better and get things right.

See adversity as an opportunity to rise above it and come back stronger and wiser and although you may be hurting or suffering, let you know that, you will turn things around and everything will work out fine, have faith and trust that you will be OK. 

Ask for help, take time to relax and build up your strength, resolve and energy. Instead of seeing adversity as this terrible thing or event, see it as a chance to better you and your life, so instead of it being the big disaster. 

See it as a new opportunity and a step on the way to better things, a much better you and a better life experience.

There is always somebody who has gotten over much worse situations and setbacks, always look for a positive in all negatives, see each failure or setbacks as an opportunity to grow, learn, and come back better, because disappointment is just a perception.

7) Learn How To Relax 

The biggest enemy that you will ever have to face is stress and tension in your mind and body and the antidote to stress and tension is relaxation.

If you're feeling stressed then you need to catch it in the early stages and deal with stress, because it will lead to more stress. 

Have you ever noticed that the more stressed, frustrated and tense you become, the more things go wrong and the harder it becomes to perform well.

When you feel relaxed, everything becomes so much easier, you will do things better, you will function more efficiently and when you're relaxed, you will solve your problems easier, because life becomes easier and everything will start to work out better.

You may be surprised to know that, if you chill out, slow down and take it easy, then you will do things quicker, easier, better and you will be more productive. 

If you want to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life, then just learn to relax and take it easy and you will find everything will take care of itself. It's all about changing the way you respond, both externally and internally. 

When you learn to relax and let go and stop rushing your state will change and as soon as your energy starts to change, you will overcome challenges more easily, less things will bother you and more things will go right.

But the most important of them all is, when you feel calm and at peace with yourself and this world, it feels great and feeling good is what really matters in life. 

Avoid letting people and external circumstances to control how you feel and react. 

Relaxing deeply will reduce your stress and anxiety, you will think more clearly, your mental faculties will improve and you will be more creative you will feel more confident, vibrant and alive.  

Learn to be mindful of the thoughts that are causing you stress, negative moods and worry, meditation is a great way of quieting down your mind and thus reducing your stress and anxiety.

8) Learn More Skills

The more skills you can learn and the more knowledge that you can amass the higher your chances are at achieving more success in all area's of your life. Skills mean more success, more wealth and a better life experience.  

Learning more skills will present you with better career and business opportunities, but learning new skills, it's not just all about creating more wealth and getting promoted at work. 

We can also benefit tremendously by improving our social skills, our life skills and our relationship skills. 

Life in general is a skill, how successful you become, who you become and what you achieve is a skill and you have the ability and with the right mindset and will to learn you have the capability to become more skillful at anything you desire.

9) Be Creative 

You have unlimited amounts of creativity and hidden genius locked inside of you, but to unlock your true inner genius and creativity.

You have to shift out of the negative states of fear, worry, stress and doubt and enter into the here and zone which is known as being in the zone in a flow like relaxed but alert state of mind and body. 

Every time you think negative thoughts you shift more over into your negative files and you enter into what is known as your protective mind. 

In this fear ingrained mindset your awareness and focus will narrow into survival mode and your creativity will begin to shrink as your mind and senses search for non existent threats and more things to worry about.

When you release your worries by getting out of the way and leaving your mind alone so it can calm down all by itself.

Then you will enter the flow like state and your creativity will begin to flow naturally and effortlessly just as it was designed to.

10) Make The Most Of Your Time

Your time is very valuable and precious to you, so make the most of it, the old saying " Your life is what you make it". We all could make more productive use of our time. 

Although we need ample amounts of rest and relaxation, it is also important to keep your mind and yourself active and alive. 

It is also important to realize that what you give your attention to, you will get more of it, because what we focus on expands, this includes your happiness, how good or bad you feel and how successful you become, so it's really important.

Learn to simplify your life, because you have only so much time in your day so you need to prioritize what is important and what is not and what can wait. This may mean cutting back on your commitments, even letting people down and having a bit more me time.

As there are only so many hours in a day, if you want to get more done, you either have to learn how to be more efficient and work at your maximum peak performance rate.

Avoid trying to get too much dome to soon, if you have a big goal, focus on one step at a time instead of looking at the bigger picture to avoid overwhelming yourself.

The secret is to work smarter and not harder or trying to forcefully go faster. 

You can get more done and you will do it much better when you stop hurrying and you learn to stay calm as well as trying to enjoy what you're doing.

This way you will be surprised how much more you can get more done in the same amount of time.

11) Get The Positive Momentum Going

Life is all about momentum and direction and nearly everybody has momentum going on in their lives. 

There are only two types of momentum, you have positive momentum and negative momentum, positive momentum will make you feel good and it will move you in the right direction and towards where you want to be in life.

Whilst negative momentum will make you feel bad and stressed and it will take you further and further away from the place you want to be and feelings you want to experience.

There is only one exception to the rule and that is, you're standing still but generally you will be either moving closer your goals and desires or you will be heading away from them, 

So choose to jump on board the positive bus and head down the road to success and happiness.

If you're not getting what you want, then you need to stop trying so hard all the time. Success, abundance, creativity, intelligence and a better life cannot respond to feelings of stress, anxiety and emotional overwhelm.

All The good things that you want and desire cannot be accessed in the negative energy frequencies what you want will only respond and show up when your consistently not thinking none resistant or opposing thoughts and you're feeling good and in the flow.

12) Learn And Listen

To boost your chances of becoming more successful listen and learn from the people who have already succeeded. 

Just by spending more time listening and learning you can boost your chances of succeeding. 

So rather than just attempting a goal or project without really giving it much thought spend some time listening and studying the already successful in the field you want to learn about, if you have a problem listen and learn from somebody who has already overcome it.

Copy and study the successful and what is already proven to work and then try and improve on it. 

Although you should not always listen to everything everybody tells you sometimes, others can spot where you're going wrong, also learn to follow your intuition. 

You can save so much time, hardship and you can learn so much just by studying others and following these steps and principals.

  • Listen 
  • Learn 
  • Apply what you've learned 
  • Do and practice

13) Create Your Ideal Self Image

Your self image is the perception that you have of yourself, like who you are, how you value yourself, your abilities, your character and so on.

Your self image will determine nearly everything about you, and it holds the key to what you do ad become in life.

Including how you feel about yourself, your individual levels of success, who you think you are, your confidence levels, how you react in certain situations, your comfort level and much more.

Basically, it acts as the mental blueprint of your life and self worth and it is a very powerful part of you that can influence many of your actions, decisions and behaviors.

A negative self image can hold you back in life and stop you achieving the things you want to do and achieve.

How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something with the thoughts of

  • That's not me 
  • I am not very good at 
  • I couldn't do that 
  • I am not the type of person 
  • I am not a confident person 
  • It's too difficult for me 
  • I am too shy
If you think your self image of yourself is holding you back then perhaps it's time to create a new positive and capable you.

If you want to be that person who is more charismatic, confident and self assured or you want to be more successful then you first have to see yourself as the person you want to be.


14) Be Kind And Considerate To Others 

Be kind and considerate to others and yourself, sometimes when we argue we only see things from our point of view and we give very little attention to the other side of a disagreement.

Our egos can wreck relationships and friendships. Do not pursue your own interests or satisfy your own ego at the expense of others. 

Although we perceive ourselves as individuals we are all as one, treat others with respect and you will have more chance of them returning it back,

It is everybody's  duty to forget about their ego and pride every now and again and not deliberately go out of your way to treat others bad or cause them any harm. 

We all have feelings and we all deserve to be treated well, also try not to judge or prejudge others and if you can avoid focusing on their bad points and the negative side of people unless it is truly justified otherwise they might just keep on showing that side of their personality to you.

15) Have A Healthy Balanced Varied Nutritional Diet 

Reducing your stress and eating a healthy nutritional diet and making sure you do not dehydrate will help to lower your anxiety and reduce your stress.

If you have been experiencing long periods of worry, stress and anxiety, then you may need a good quality nutritional supplement especially the B vitamins and magnesium as stress and anxiety can deplete your body of its vital vitamins and mineral resources

More and more people in the self development industry are realizing the importance of food and nutrition. 

Many problems such as, digestive issues, bloating, mood swings, fatigue, low energy and much more are now believed to be a result of food intolerance and sensitivity. 

Depression and many other emotional related issues, leaky gut, skin problems and digestive issues have been linked to nutrient deficiency or eating too many sugary, processed or junk foods.

Long term stress and anxiety can deplete your body of it's vital vitamins and nutrients. 

Probiotics are known to help balance your gut by supplying healthy bacteria and they could help to reduce inflammation in the body.

Research has shown that Omega 3 may also lower inflammation as well as help to prevent some chronic diseases, it is also believed to help relieve certain skin conditions like psoriasis.

There are many more inflammation reducing foods like, green leafy vegetables, fruit, olive oil, nuts and garlic. If you're on prescription drugs, check with your doctor first. 

If you find your healthy foods look a bit bland and unappetizing, then you can try adding some colourful fruits or use a brighter and more colourful plate.

16) Change A Negative Mood

We all endure challenging times, we all have low moods, if you're feeling in a negative mood, except how you feel and express and acknowledge your emotions but never put up with a negative mood for long.     

Many people think that they have no influence on their moods and their mood just happen, so they just accept them or they wait for their mood to lift by itself.

But with a bit of practice you have the ability to change and influence your mood and when you know how to improve your mood, it will have a positive impact on your well-being, your quality of life and even your health.

There are many things that you can do to influence and change your mood, such as changing your thoughts and perceptions.

Another way to change your mood, especially if you're feeling bored or disinterested is to do something different, like going for a walk, listening to some upbeat music.

If you feel upset or negative, focus on or plan for a better future or imagine yourself relaxing in an exotic location and focus on how calm and good you feel or think back to a time when you felt really happy.

Laughing is a great mood booster and so is smiling for a few minutes every hour or so, or you could name five things that you are grateful for. 

Your posture will also have a big impact on how you feel, exercising is a good mood enhancer and eating a good varied healthy diet. 

As they say, "Yesterdays food is today's mood"

Sometimes food intolerances can leave us feeling low and lethargic.

If you're having a real bad time, have a good cry and then tell yourself your going to put up with this mood for lets say two days and then you're going to feel better. 

Find a way of relaxing deeply, stay in the now ad choose to be happy and make sure you do not become dehydrated. (Do not drink excessive amounts of water in a short period of time.)

17) Dissapointments

Life is full of disappointments, some are bigger than others and you cannot escape them, the secret is, how you choose to react to them.

The thing with disappointments is, you can either allow them to knock you down and keep you down or you can use them to drive you on to do better things and accomplish better results.

What you need is, to learn how to get over your disappointments and as quickly and as painfully as possible.

The first place to start is to trust in your ability to be able to handle and come through any disappointments a better and more capable you.

If you let your disappointments get you down, or if you keep thinking about what went wrong all the time, they will lead you into the mindset of the poor little me syndrome.

This will deny you of accessing your real powers, and it will rob you from your true capabilities and the real limitless you.

But if you use your disappointments as an opportunity to grow, you will start to use your subconscious power to help you recover and come back better and stronger. 

After a disappointment, it's easy to become frustrated, upset, angry and de-motivated causing you to give up on your goal or task.

But there is a better way of doing things, so the next time you are hit by a disappointment, accept what has happened or recognize the fact that something went wrong.

But instead of dwelling on it or self defeating yourself. 

Just take control of the situation, change your thoughts and perceptions and direct your mind to help you overcome your disappointments and give it some new clear instructions to help you get to where you want

The universe only deals and speaks in the language of vibration, there are many different cultures and languages, but no matter what your cultural background or what native language you speak, all feelings are universal and the same. 

When you're in the flow and the peace of the here and now then things will work out much better for, you will perform better, your creativity will increase and you will gain access to the universal guidance and intelligence.

Your energy controls everything from your financial situation, your health to a large degree, your relationships, how you feel, your thought processes and what you become and achieve.

Albert Einstein summed everything you need to know in his famous quote,

18) Raise Your Energy Vibration 

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

19) Take It Easy

So much of our stress and tension is because we are trying to pack too much into our day and these days, unlike our ancestors, most people live their life at a hundred miles per hour.  

Trying to rush, setting unrealistic deadlines or thinking and planning too far ahead all contribute to more stress and tension. Sometimes we need to breathe deeply and deliberately slow ourselves down a touch.  

You have to learn to take it easy, if you have a goal or task to complete take one step at a time and try to enjoy it.

If you think too far ahead and you focus on too many things in one go or you think about all the things you need to get done, it will begin to emotionally overwhelm you.

Avoid buying into the belief that you have to rush to meet work deadlines or personal jobs you need to do. 

You will get more done and you will do it better if you stay calm and you don't try to deliberately hurry, work smarter, not faster, and cut back on your to do list or allow yourself more time.  

20) Become A Morning Person

Become a morning person, if you listen to many people they will often say that they are not a morning person or they always feel moody, first thing in the morning. 

The thing to be aware of is, if you keep repeating these kinds of statements, then you will continue to start the day off feeling negative.

Each new morning is a brand new day and a chance to wipe the slate clean.

On awakening, you have two choices, you can either seize the day or you can carry all your negative emotional baggage with you into the new day.

As you wake up you will have a brief window of opportunity to set your emotional benchmark for the coming day ahead.

This is the time to grab the chance to feel good, and when you can break up the old patterns of negative thinking and take control of your thoughts, perceptions and emotions, rather than allowing your circumstances, thoughts and emotions will control you.

Because, the more you focus on the negative, the more negative stuff you will experience and the harder you will find it to be at your peak performance best.

Anytime that you're feeling negative, ask yourself why you feel low or why are you in a bad mood, evaluate your life and where you are right now with your goal, and take things from them.

As you go to bed, create an unwinding down procedure, mediate or use hypnosis because this will relax you and you will also sleep better and wake up feeling more relaxed and energized. 

Even spending a few minutes of gratitude and appreciation as you fall asleep, then as soon as you wake up. 

Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself ten times, that you like you and you are good enough.


21) Stop Trying To Hard

Life can be hard at times, but sometimes we can want something so much that it can actually lessen our chances of getting what we want.

Life is full of choices, and there is always an opposite possibility and alternative to everything that you want or have in your life which is all the things you don't want or all the things you would like but you don't  have. 

Some examples are as follows

  • Feeling good/Feeling bad 
  • Anxious/Calm 
  • Having lots of money/Having very little money 
  • Good relationship/Bad relationship 
  • Successful/Unsuccessful 
  • Working/Unemployed 
  • Stressed/Relaxed

Life should flow as easy and effortless as possible, but sometimes when we want something to badly we just try too hard to get it. In life, sometimes you just need to get out of the way and allow life to happen. 

There is a greater force at work that will bring us the things we want, if we just trust and allow things to happen in their own time, when the time is right and you're emotionally aligned to receive all the good things that you want.

The harder you try for something, the more desperate you will become for that particular thing, and in life you generally get what you believe and not what you want. 

Desperation, leads to negative energy, frustration and disappointment and negative energy, frustration and disappointment, will block off all the good that you're seeking. 

To believe, you first have to have total faith and trust, that what you want will happen or it will come to you, all you need to do, is enjoy life, stay calm and take action when it is needed.

When we are not getting the results that we expect, it is common practice, to think we have to try even harder, or work even harder. 

When you obsess and worry about what you want, but you don't yet have, you will cultivate the energy and the beliefs of not having, and your reality is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs and the energy that you project.

Sometimes you just need to let go of the need to try and control and make things happen, and just chill out a bit, and allow nature and the universe to work their magic.

22) Use Your Imagination Wisely

Have you heard the saying "you're only limited by your imagination". Your imagination is a very powerful tool capable of creating great things, but when it used in self defeating ways, your imagination can scare you to death, run you ragged and drive you crazy.

Our body responds to the reality depicted by our imagination, so if you use your imagination badly, by focusing on things that are not wanted or things going wrong, then it will lead you a merry dance, it will make things up and cause you a whole lot of stress, worry, sadness, anger and anxiety.

If your imagination is making you feel bad, then observe it, but refuse to respond or pursue or engage in it.

The secret is to use your imagination wisely to help you create, build and design the things and life that you want.

Basically, your imagination is an imagery and a vibrational projection about something that has not yet happened or come into being or the internal creating of things that have not yet happened.

The best ways to use your imagination is, to use it to create things that you want or to use it to mentally rehearse a forthcoming stressful event or improve your performance levels or to use it to make you feel calm such as imagining yourself lying on a beach.

You can use it to project a desired future outcome that has already happened or you have accomplished in your mind, such as imagining yourself wealthy or living your dream life.

However, you have to be careful not to overdo this because it can make you feel good as you picture your dream being accomplished in your mind's eye.

But then, when you stop imagining it and you start to focus on your outside reality and you become aware that you do not have what you have been imagining, it can leave you feeling disappointed causing a contrast and confliction of feelings.

23) Only Deal With Things When Your Feeling Relaxed

If you want to perform better, improve your creativity, solve a problem, find an answer or tap into your true potential.

Then you need to learn how to relax first, because being calm is the key to all successes, discoveries and creativity.

Everything becomes easier when you're calm and balanced, 

  • Your performance levels will increase, 
  • You will function better, 
  • Your reaction times quicken 
  • Your intelligence will increase 
  • You will sleep better, 
  • You will be more confident  
  • Things will generally work out better for you.

When you're stressed and anxious life becomes harder and you will struggle to perform well, but when you slow down and you learn to relax.

Then the answers to your problems will come to you or you will find your problems just melt away into insignificance because a problem can not stay active without the fuel of negative energy.

24) Take Time To Meditate

Most of us live busy lives and a few people live hectic lifestyles. 

The average person is always on the go, constantly juggling their daily activities, where they end up rushing and alternating from one activity to another desperately trying to cram too much into their daily schedules.

As we move from one activity or problem to another, often trying to deal with more than one task, choir or challenge at the same, time our poor mind becomes overwhelmed and works in a constant state of overdrive.

This hectic way of conducting ourselves can leave us feeling exhausted, stressed and generally feeling overwhelmed and our poor and neglected mind and body never has a chance to slow down and relax.

If this is the way you are living your life on a daily basis, then not only can it leave you feeling overwhelmed, but it can also be potentially damaging to your health and well-being.

Our mind and body needs an adequate amount of rest and deep relaxation, and the chances are if you are pushing your body too much and overloading your mind, then when you do finally find time to sit down, it will be to crash out in front of the TV.

When you don't spend time to quieten your mind and calm your body, your mind and body can become conditioned to remain active, even at times when you're sitting down or resting and you will probably always have the urge to keep busy or believe you should be doing something.

However, rest and deep relaxation are a necessity and a requirement of the body, and if you're the type who is always on the go, then this kind of busy and stressful lifestyle can eventually take its toll on you.

If your mind is always racing and your body is stressed, then it can lead to internal restlessness,if this is the case, then it would be wise to spend some time learning how to relax the mind and body, otherwise your muscles will be constantly tense and it can cause high blood pressure and ill health.

We all need to slow down a bit, and every so often you should stop doing for a while and just take it easy for a while, as well as learning how to slow down a bit.

Meditation is one of the best ways to unwind and practice remaining calm around your thoughts, so you can calm that ever racing mind as well as relax that stressed and tense body.

25) Find Your Purpose In Life 

Everybody needs a purpose in life, as young adults our purpose can be to bring up a family and buy and design your home. 

But, after a while, especially as our children grow up we need more otherwise you can run the risk of going though the motions and your life can become stagnant.

This is when you may benefit greatly by finding your life's purpose, of course you don't have to wait until you're a bit older to follow your passion and discover your life's purpose. 

It does not matter what age you are, always have a purpose in life because it will give your life new meaning.

Having a purpose will motivate, inspire and energize you, it will stop you feeling bored and it can also reward you financially. 

It can pay you to find or do things you love, you enjoy or you good at, it certainly is not what others have told you what to do.  

Your life purpose could be anything, it should be something that makes you feel good, things you are passionate about, it should also be something that challenges you and keeps you growing

Numerology can help you to discover your true life's purpose.

Doing something that helps others or contributes something good in the world is always rewarding, follow your intuition and do whatever makes you feel stimulated, inspired and alive, helping others or adding value to others or the world is always a winner.

26) Calm Your Worrying Mind

Everybody worries, and worrying can become a habit and some people even worry about worrying, which can cause endless frustration and stress.

But worry is bad for us, it can cause us to lose our appetite and zest for life, it can disrupt our sleep and make us feel tired and stressed, not to mention the damage it can do to our health and well-being.

Worry happens when the mind gets stuck in a vicious cycle and it is fueled by strong emotions. 

Many people can't stop worrying, they may try to distract themselves from the worrying thoughts, but they soon find that they cannot run away from their anxious mind and it is not long before they start worrying again.

One of the reasons why they cannot stop worrying is because they try to hide to try and not to worry and they get frustrated with themselves because as hard as they try they cannot stop worrying.

The secret to stop worrying is to quieten your mind, but you cannot quieten your mind if you try to stop worrying, it just creates a vicious circle. 

The more you try not to think those worry thoughts the more worry thoughts you will create.

It can seem difficult to quieten a racing mind, as the mind seems to never stop thinking, but quieten it you must if you want some relief and inner peace.

So how do you calm your worrying mind?

The first step it, don't try to stop worrying, because trying to stop worrying stirs up the strong emotions that drive your worrying thought patterns.

Practice leaving alone your worrying mind alone and give up trying to stop the worry thoughts.

All you have to do is, just detach yourself from the worry thoughts and you let your mind carry on thinking them, without you opposing or resisting them.

Because if you allow your mind to carry on thinking the worry thoughts, then it will quieten and still itself, just like a pool quietens itself after you throw in a pebble.

27) Constructive Criticism Is Not Always A Bad Thing 

No one likes to be criticized, most people don't even like being advised, and although you should not have to put up with constant harsh criticism or insults, often, those who criticize are doing it because they are insecure about themselves. 

However, not all criticism is a bad thing, and sometimes a bit of friendly, constructive criticism or friendly advice can be a good thing.

The universe is always trying to help us and give us subtle clues and hints on what we need to do, this universal guidance can come in the form of our thoughts and intuition, but make sure you can tell the difference between your intuition and your ego. 

But sometimes, help will come through other people's comments, advice or suggestion. 

Because, sometimes other people can see things and notice things about where we're going wrong when it is not always so obvious to ourselves. 

So as long as it is not unwelcome advice or harsh and uncalled for criticism, don't always dismiss it or be too offended. 

Take it on board and see if you can learn something from it, because there are times when our critics can also be our best mentors, so use the criticism to motivate and inspire you to be and do better.

If people are being intentionally nasty or hurtful. 

Always remember, that people's negative suggestion, harsh judgements, critical words, hurtful remarks or spiteful comments, are not true and they cannot hurt you, until you decide to believe them or you let them in.

The real problem begins when you start to buy into them and accept them as being true, or you choose to react badly to them, the same rule applies, to your own critical voice.

Imagine you have a protective bubble around you which is protecting you, so no matter what anybody says they cannot penetrate your bubble so nobody can upset or hurt you ever again.

28) Listen To Your Body

Learn to listen to your body because when you experience pain, discomfort both physical and emotional it is your subconscious mind trying to tell you that there is something that needs addressing so try and uncover the root source of your problems and then address them.

When you're thinking about what you don't want your emotions will let you know that you need to change your perceptions or your focus of attention, when you're reliving negative or sad memories your emotions will remind you of how bad you felt at the time so give your attention to something more pleasant.  

When you're tired or exhausted, it means you need to rest and many skin conditions can be a result of a reaction to certain food's whilst stress is responsible for a large amount of illnesses.

29) We Think Too Much 

Although positive, creative and constructive thinking can be helpful and essential for us at times to create, problem solve, become more successful and design, most adults tend to over think things too much.

If your thoughts are general or neutral, then that's fine, but if they are causing you emotional pain, worry or anxiety and keeping you stuck in a negative place in your mind, then it's time to let those thoughts go and pick a better feeling subject or train of thoughts.

Humans spend too much time hooked up into negative and self destructive thinking, when really they should get out of their head and observe and enjoy more, whilst they engage in their surroundings, or focusing on what they are doing.

If you observe animals or young children then you will notice that they don't worry, they just focus on enjoying and observing.

If your thoughts are making you feel bad, then ignore them and ditch them, or change the subject.


30) Enjoy Your Personal Growth Journey 

We are all work in progress, no matter what you're attempting to be, do or become the secret to success is repetition, steady progressive continual improvements. 

When people have been on a self development journey for a while they forget how far they have come and how they used to be. Your journey should be made as enjoyable as possible.

Every successful person or high achiever had to start off at the bottom and work their way up to great success, you don't start off at the top, it's all about taking small steps. 

But you won't reach the top or achieve your dreams and ambitions if you don't take the first step.

Most people don't change until they are forced to change, but you don't have to wait to reach a point of desperation before you decide to make your life better.

31) Do The Things You Enjoy

You're here to enjoy yourself and not just please and conform to other people's idea's and ways of living their life. There is nothing more important to you than to feel good so you should make it your number one goal. 

Many self help experts suggest if you're not doing something to improve yourself, then it's not worth doing some even recommend avoiding doing activities like watching TV. 

Although it is good practice to keep on growing, learning and striving to be the very best version of yourself, you should also do the things that you enjoy and if you like watching TV then watch it. 

Be a bit selfish and put yourself first from time to time, if you like staying in, stay in if you like going out then go out more often.

Your goal should be doing the things you like and enjoy doing, things that give you joy and not do what others think is the right thing for you. 

So if doing things that is deemed boring to others, but it makes you happy then that it is improving your life and well-being.

In fact, you need very little to be happy, most people want things to make them happy, but happiness is nothing more than a state of being and it is free and does not cost anything accept a conscious effort by you to forget your negative past, be optimistic about your future and be happy and live in the present moment. 

32) Avoid Procrastination 

We all have chores, goals and tasks we need to do, if it is something that you feel passionate and excited about then it will be easy to motivate yourself to do the action part.  

But it is not so easy to get out of bed at the weekend to do the mundane chores and tasks that sometimes need to do such as house and garden maintenance or pursuing your goals when you feel tired. 

To avoid procrastination write a to do list or make one in your head, to avoid overwhelm priorities in order of preference and importance. 

You do not have to do your tasks every weekend, just make a plan and timeline of when you intend to do each job, this will help to get you motivated when the time comes. 

When you have to get started on something, be decisive, try not to spend too much time thinking about, just do it otherwise you will talk yourself out of it or you will come up with all the reasons why you don't want to do it.


33) Praise Yourself And Focus On All The Good You Do

What keeps most people stuck and negative is when they assume that there must be something wrong with them or somehow they are not good enough or smart enough.

But if you exist, then this means your equal to everybody else, you're good enough and you have limitless potential because creation makes everybody equal at source.

So it's time to forget about what has gone, what is going wrong or what could go wrong and focus all your attention on all the good about you and what can and will be. 

Get into the habit of spotting and focusing all the good things you do and all the great things you can achieve if you focus your mind with positive energy. 

Praise yourself up for everything you do well no matter how small, congratulate yourself and write down in a journal any progress or successes you have and you will be rewarded with positive feelings and appreciation for your true inner self and source.

34) You Do Not Have To Fix Everything

We have been led to believe that we have to fix or deal with everything because we think that something is wrong with us that needs to be put right. 

But you already have everything you need and you already have access to how you choose to feel.

Most people think that there is something wrong with them or they believe they're not worthy or good enough which is the underlying root cause of low self esteem.

This however is not true, and if someone has told you or made you feel that you're not good enough, or you find yourself telling yourself.

Then remember, this is just a bad statement and all statements can easily be turned around, so constantly let you know that you are worthy, deserving and good enough.

Because, it is not a case of there is something wrong with you and you need to improve, you just need to learn how to unleash the real you, your real true potential and strive to be the best version of yourself.

35) Start Applying Your New Knowledge 

Knowledge can be powerful but it is only powerful if you apply it to your life to make your life better. These days there are a lot of helpful information and advice available at the push of a button.

You should always carry on learning until you take your final breaths, but information and knowledge won't change or improve your life unless you start applying that information to your daily life. 

Because the application is what makes everything happens and gets thoughts into motion, because without application and the groundwork, change cannot happen and you will not get the life and the results that you're seeking. 

Information and knowledge helps us to learn new facts and help us to start to understand things, it can inspire us and activate positive inspiration and motivation which can bring to us new idea's and possibilities.

But if you want positive changes and you want to become more successful then you need to apply your newly discovered knowledge into action because all the high achievers turn idea's, opportunities and information into action and activity.

You should always carry on learning until you take your final breaths, but information and knowledge won't change or improve your life unless you start applying that information to your daily life.

Because the application is what makes everything happens and gets thoughts into motion, because without application and the groundwork, change cannot happen and you will not get the life and results that you're seeking.

Information and knowledge helps us to learn new facts and help us to start to understand things, it can inspire us and activate positive inspiration and motivation which can bring to us new idea's and opportunities.


36) Aim To Get Better

Most people fall into the trap of allowing their past mistakes, embarrassments and failures to cause them to fear a similar thing happening to them again.

This pattern of thinking and behaviour, will affect you and your ability to perform at your peak best and it will block off your true potential and capabilities, by conditioning your brain to learn to fear or want to avoid a repeat performance.

Instead of allowing your past to impact and negatively influence you, stop focusing on the negative or your shortcomings and failures, and only focus on ways on how you can improve or perform better.

Learn and study as well as striving to be the best version of yourself. Analyze your mistakes, and try to learn something that will make you better.

You have not got to spend all your time positive thinking, just ignore the negative and try to use constructive thinking.

Read more, learn more skills, work on your health and fitness and use the power of your mind to self educate and improve your talents and your creative capabilities, instead of training your mind to self sabotage and self doubt yourself

37) Get More Sleep

If you want more energy, if you want to keep focused, if you want to face and overcome any challenges so you get better results, 

Because, if you want to perform at your best, if you want to become more productive, experience less stress and be more efficient then you may need to get a bit more sleep. 

It is recommended by many scientific studies that on average to be our very best we need between seven to eight hours sleep per night and although it may not always be possible it is something you should try to aim for. 

If you're surviving on not enough sleep, then your cognitive abilities, your functional abilities and your ability to deal with stressful challenges will reduce and take a dip.

38) Keep Asking Yourself Empowering Questions 

The way to come up with a solution to a particular problem that you may have or if you're trying to work your way through a challenge is to ask yourself empowering questions.

Because every time you ask your mind a question and this applies to both negative and positive questions your mind has to search for and come up with an answer or solution. 

So if you need to solve a problem, lets say you want to lose weight ask yourself, then how can I type of question, but avoid using negative questions, like why am I overweight and instead said to yourself something like. 

How can I lose weight and become fit and healthy or lets say you want to have more money, again, don't focus on why you're skint or broke questions, ask yourself what's the best way for me to make more money.

Although, asking the how questions can help solve a problem, for goal success ask yourself or to get the things in life that you want, ask the why questions as this can lead you to focus on all the positive reasons why you want something which will hold you in a positive creative energy.

39) Tame The Voices Inside Your Head

We all have conversations with the chatterbox that lives in our heads and there seems to be a different inner voice and a different story to match the different emotional states we go in and out. 

Your inner critical voice and mental chatterbox are always busy telling you all the things that are wrong with your life or all the things you should or should not do or all the fears and dangers you should be aware of.

That inner voice can really drag you down and frustrate you at times and at times it never seems to shut up, sometimes the thoughts that enter our mind are abhorrent and they do not comply with our true charcator, some people define them as their demons. 

What you need to be aware of is, these horrible or critical thoughts in your mind, are not you and they are not true, therefore

  • You do not have to take any notice of them 
  • You do not have to accept them  
  • You do not have to believe or trust them 
  • You do not have to follow them or run with them

If you allow that inner negative voice to continue to dominate and control you, then they will carry on causing you endless pain. 

But if you see them just as a nuisance and junk thoughts, that everybody has and you refuse to get emotionally involved with, and you cease to listen or be bothered by them, then those demons will move on.

The best way to deal with your demons and tame that critical voice, is to stop taking them seriously, ignore them and just allow them to come and go as quickly as possible, realize that they are not you, and think about something else. 

Although you should never try to stop your inner voice, you can start to override it because you are in charge of how you wish to think and how you choose to feel. 

When you bring yourself back into the peace of the present moment, the demons cannot access that feel good energy state.

We all tell ourselves stories based on our circumstances and how we're feeling, some of these stories and perceptions are lies and untrue, so if you don't like the story in your mind change it to a better one.

You can say to your inner voice, that's simply not true, you have no evidence to back up that belief, there is no logical reason for me to be afraid so I am not going to believe what you're saying or creating.

These thoughts might come back but each time you ignore or challenge that inner voice and start to change those unhelpful beliefs and in time the less and less they will come back meaning no more stress, anxiety and feeling bad.


40) Pirotitise Your Tasks

We all have chores and goals we want or have to do, but the more our tasks pile on top of us and the more we think about how much we have got to get done it can all start to feel a bit stressful and a bit overwhelming.

The key is to write a things to do list, and jot down in order of importance, all the things you want or need to get get done. List them in order of importance and priority.  

Then only focus and only work on one thing at a time or one step of your goal at a time, otherwise if you look to far ahead then it all gets a little bit daunting and overwhelming.

41) Experience A Bit Of Solitude

Although we are social creatures sometimes we could all do with a bit of solitude to grow, rest and to better ourselves. 

Having some me time and finding somewhere quiet and peaceful to retreat where there are no distractions and where you can either ground yourself with nature or connect deeply with yourself and your inner being can be an enlightening and relaxing experience which you can benefit greatly from.

Some individuals find it hard to switch off from their outer reality and everyday focus of attention so it might take a bit of practice. 

But a bit of peaceful solitude will help to reduce anxiety and your stress will melt away, plus it will help tap into your creativity and help you grow both spiritually and mentally. 

It's all about tuning out of your everyday stresses and tuning into who you really are at source, it's about having a bit of time to be yourself and recharging your batteries and becoming balanced and at peace. 

You can take a walk in nature or spend time in the country or you can just find somewhere peaceful to relax for a while. 

Because you have to grow and build from within and strength, happiness, peace of mind and confidence all come from within.

42) You Are Responsible For Your Own Life 

You are responsible for your own life, your future, how you feel and to a large degree your own health, everything we do is a choice so choose wisely and healthily. 

In each and every one of us has a happy you, an angry you, a sad you, an anxious you a stressful you are and a successful you, so with that in mind choose to be the you that you want to be.

43) Ask For Help

Do not feel to proud or embarrassed to ask for or seek out help when you need it because there is always help available. 

This can be asking someone for help and guidance, it could involve searching online

But what you need to be aware of is, you're never alone and the universe is always there to help and guide you, yet most people are not even aware of the universal intelligent mind and network of information.

When you pose a question to yourself then your mind has to come back with an answer and your all powerful subconscious mind which is connected and has access to the unified intelligent mind.

So if you have a worry, a solution to find or problem to overcome.

Keep asking yourself searching questions starting with the why's, what or how's to your problems, goals and challenges.

Typical types of examples could be, why do I feel sad, anxious, angry etc, what is the best way to and so on.

Try to stay out of your head, practice putting all your focus on external things instead of focusing on yourself.

44) Love Is All That You Need

We all crave for love, everybody is searching for someone to love and everybody wants to be loved back or to feel loved. 

Love is the most powerful of all emotions and everybody desires it. But sometimes in our desperation to love and be loved we rely solely on our partners to love and to love us back.

The trouble is, when you're reliant on somebody else to love and love you back you're never going to have their full dived love and attention all the time. 

Other people have their own interests and problems so they are not always guaranteed to give you the love you want. 

It is important to know and remind yourself that your inner being always loves you and the real thing that matters the most is loving yourself.

How often do you look in the mirror and say. "I like myself or I love and improve of myself".

Learn to love and appreciate you, all the good things that you have, all that is good about you and your life and anything else that you can think of.

45) It's Your Opinion Of Yourself That Really Matters

The criticism and negative suggestions from others about you and how well you have been treated can have a damaging impact on your self image, your self esteem and your self worth.

If you buy into the beliefs and comments made towards you by others, then this can cause you to have low opinions about yourself and it can cause negative self talk.

But remember it's your own opinion of yourself that really matters  so as long as you start to like yourself and you develop a strong and positive opinion and high regard for yourself then no one else can hurt you or keep you small. 

The single biggest thing in your life that will raise your self esteem and self worth is to master your self talk because your inner self talk is the route to greater confidence, a better and more successful life and a greater you.

When things aren't going to plan, that old self defeating inner voice can start to tell us stories of failure or we're not good enough.

But remember that negative inner voice is not you, it does not belong to you, so start to override it and define yourself as a success and a worthwhile person.

46) Decide What You Want And Do It 

Sometimes we just hesitate to much or over think something and end up talking ourselves out of doing it or we give up too soon or we follow and listen to much to our negative emotions and thoughts.  

Sometimes in life you have to just decide what you want and then just do it, a little bit of preparation can be a good thing so long as your giving yourself self encouragements and praise but sometimes the more you think about doing something the more you will either scare yourself or self doubt yourself.

It's your life experiences that make you stronger or weaker depending on how you react to them, what you learn from them and the challenges you face or avoid.

Thoughts and words don't teach you a thing, but they can take away your true powers and capabilities by tricking you into believing your imagination is true and real. 

Knowing everything will work out and everything will be OK despite what happens can change your feelings and end your anxiety. So decide what it is you want, then just practice talking yourself into doing it or just do it despite how you feel.

47) Create Good Habits

Nearly all our behaviours, actions, addictions and what we do both good and bad are the result of habits that we have repeatedly practiced doing for so long that they become things we do automatically and instinctively. 

If you have any bad or unwanted habits, then you need to replace them with good ones because some habits can be bad for your health, block your success and waste your time.

We can form habits for all kinds of things and reasons like, through fear or to help to keep us safe, a form of reward or pleasure even when the habit is bad for us.  

If you have a bad habit or addictions focus on the positive and health benefits you will gain once you given up or you have changed your habit

Everytime you manage to succeed in changing your bad habits give yourself a small reward. Replace bad habits with good habits.

Change the way you do or organized things and practice repeatedly doing things on a daily basis that will create good habits instead of allowing bad habits to rule your life.

Make habits that will help you to take you towards the success you or life you want or ones that will move you towards achieving your goals


48) You Have Choices

No matter where you are in life or how bad your situation is remember that you always have better choices and other options and possibilities and if you take control of your life and situations then your life can and does get better. 

If you don't like your job you can choose to find another, if your hand around with negative or nasty friends you can make new friends and if your in a bad or abusive relationship you have the choice to break up. 

The key is to chill out about the things that are not in your control and learn how to change your perceptions and how you respond to them.

No ones own you and you always have the choice to live your life on your terms and if something is not good for you or working out for you then change it.

49) Look For The Good

If you look hard enough, you will find that there are many good things to be found in this world and there are many good things about you, yet most people pick out one bad thing or experience and they give it all their attention. 

Try to look for the positive in each situation, look for the good in you and learn to focus on your strengths instead of your weakness and develop a positive and optimistic attitude that everything will work out even when everything seems to be going wrong.

50) Give Your Mind Clear Instructions

Most people allow their brain to influence their thoughts, feelings, decisions, behaviours and actions when what you should be doing is you should take control and influence your mind and thought patterns.  

Your mind is a very powerful tool when used correctly yet it can be your worst enemy when it is misused or left to think on auto pilot which can result in a life of misery, limitations and pain.

Get into the habit of thinking your way into alignment and flow and give your mind clear instructions of what you want because the secret to a more successful, happiness and a more fulfilling life is down to your focus of attention and telling your mind what it is you exactly want instead of focusing on what you don't want.

51) Read And Relax 

Make the most of your time and make it a habit to read more because reading will stimulate and invigorate you plus it is also a great way to learn, grow both intellectually and spiritually and it is a great way to relax and unwind so it's a win, win situation.

If you combine your reading with listening to some soothing and relaxing classical music you will boost the relaxation benefits and you will absorb the information better. 

If you do this at night for the last thirty minutes or so instead of stimulating yourself by watching action packed TV or using digital devices or video gaming then you will have a great way to unwind and calm down which will help you to fall into a deep and more importantly restful and peaceful sleep.

52) Enjoy Being You

Although socializing and having a network of a supporting family and a close circle of good friends around you is important, it is as equally as important to get to know yourself better and learn to like yourself and enjoy your own company. 

When you are alone in being nice to yourself and get to know the real inner you who is your loyal and true friend who is always with you so make peace with yourself. Find things to occupy yourself because your alone time is a great opportunity to learn and to get thing's done.

Having a good and meaningful relationship with yourself is essential for your well-being, talk to yourself like you would with a close friend and start to enjoy and make the most of your own company which has its good points because there will be no one to distract you or annoy you. 

53) Breathing Exercise To Calm Your Body And Flatten Your Stomach  

Breathing correctly is essential to balance your mind and body and to bring you back into the calm and power of the now. 

When were feeling stressed or anxious our breathing becomes shallow and rapid which can trigger off the other symptoms of stress. 

By taking a few slow, deep controlled breaths it will immediately start to reverse the stress response and when you breathe deeply the rest  of your body has to follow suit and fall back into its natural resting and relaxed state. 

Taking some slow, deep breaths every few hours making sure the out breath is longer than the in one is a great way to restore balance to both your mind and body especially when you have to face challenging and stressful situations.

If you want to get some extra benefit from your breathing exercises then you can also strengthen and flatten your stomach at the same time. 

You can start by taking a deep breath in through your mouth and then hold for a few seconds, then slowly exhale through your mouth, but as you exhale suck in your stomach so it comes back towards your spine, then hold for a few seconds and repeat ten or more times and do this a few times a day.

54) Take Some Of The Pressure Off Yourself

We all have goals, we all want things and we all want to perform well, but sometimes our desire to have or be something can become so strong that we lose the enjoyment and our focus turns to more of a negative focus.

Set your objectives and intentions, aim for personal excellence, but enjoy the journey. At times we heap way too much pressure on our self to do well that it ends up causing more stress, frustration and tension which has an adverse effect on us. 

Wanting something or wanting more is perfectly natural, but when you want something too bad then it can cause you to either try too hard or become too desperate, which actually works against you by repelling and preventing you from having the success or things you want.

This is very common with sports stars who are very skillful and talented when they are practicing or when they are relaxed but as soon as they get to a pressured moment like when they are close to victory, the nerves and anxiety kick in and they all of a sudden fall apart.

To improve your chances of success, still want to win, do well or perform well, but take the pressure off yourself by taking away the importance, neediness, desperation and significance of the outcome with the attitude of your doing your best and your enjoying what you do. 

Do your best, allow for setbacks and focus on the area's you want to improve without any pressure attached, because wanting something too much can lead to feelings of desperation and frustration which can work against you. 

55) Positive expectancy 

One of the most powerful creative forces in the known universe is the power of expectation, and this applies to both positive and negative expectations.

To achieve your desires, you have to set the universal wheels and energies in motion, and to increase your chances of you achieving your desires, it is important to expect what you want to happen, before it does happen with an unwavering faith and positive certainty.

Expecting your desired outcome before it has happened is the hardest part for many people, because it is human nature to allow what they are currently observing or experiencing or thoughts of lack and not happening to determine how they think, feel and act.

If you can see it, you can have or become it, your thoughts and feelings have creative powers, what you achieve will largely depend on your faith that you can and will achieve it, long before it has manifested.

So ditch the negative expectations, otherwise you will keep on getting more negative results and try to make it a habit to expect good things to happen, because winners expect to win and successful people expect to be successful.

So expect with confidence, and if you follow this policy, then bit by bit, more good things will start to come your way.

So let success in all you do, be your objective, focus on things going well instead of things going not well, focus on things getting better instead of things getting worse, and focus on feeling good instead of feeling bad and focus on doing well instead of not doing well.

56) Do Not Chase Happiness 

Nearly everybody in the world as one primary goal and desire in their life which is to be happy and stay happy and many people will go to great lengths to try and find happiness or to obtain and do things that will make them happy.

But true lasting happiness does not work that way,  and there is no need to chase happiness because you already have it and it is just a case of tapping into it and choosing to be happy.

One of the things that will deprive you of happiness is when you make external things and material possessions a condition of your happiness. It's OK to want the good things in life, but first be grateful for what you have already got.

Really happiness is, living in the now and being in that flow like state, where you refuse to allow your external circumstances and your past to influence your thought processes and your feelings.

If you want true long happiness, then learn to relax and ignore what is and the outside world and cultivate your happiness from within by focusing more on your spiritual self rather than just your physical world.

57) Stop Caring What Others Think 

One of the most common of all human fears is, the fear of what other people think or say. We are all social beings, and we all like to come across well, and be what we think is normal. 

But, this can lead us to spend a large part of our time, worrying and obsessing about other people think about us, to a point where we can hide the person who we truly are.

Worrying about what others think about us, also leads to feelings of self consciousness, social anxiety and it prevents us from functioning socially at our peak performance best.

The truth is, other people do not spend all their day thinking about you because they to are far too busy trying to solve their own problems and better their own lives.

Develop the attitude of couldn't care less about what others think or say and stop worrying about what you think they're thinking and just be you.

58) Stop Trying To Be Perfect 

Many people feel the need to be perfect, but being a perfectionist is a bad way of living your life, and in fact, trying to be perfect, will take you further away from perfection.

Perfection, can be the root source of many negative emotions, which lead to obsessive thinking, obsessive behaviours and compulsions which can lead to more anger, irritability, anxiety and frustration as you feel the need to be perfect.

Always try to do and be your best, but at the same time, you're allowed to make mistakes, you're allowed to show yourself up, you're allowed to get things wrong and it's OK to feel a bit angry, sad or anxious at times.

We all have off days, and we all make mistakes or experience bad or embarrassing moments, so don't beat yourself up all of the time, just learn to shrug it off, react calmly and let it go and move on, so stop taking yourself and life so seriously and give up the need to be perfect.

Because the funny thing is, when you give up trying to be perfect and you let go of the need to please or impress everybody else and your ego, and you just learn to chill and stay in the present, then you will do things better and life will treat you better.

59) Let It Go

Life isn't always easy, we all have bad experiences, problems to overcomedisappointments and setbacks, which are all part of life.

But it's not the bad situations that cause us most of the pain and upset, the real damage is inflicted on us by the thoughts and perceptions that we have about the experiences that prolong the emotional pain.

You have nothing to gain by holding onto negative emotions, what's happened has happened, so if anything is causing you emotional hurt or just making you feel bad, let it go.

The formula for a better life is

  • Give up the urge to try and control everything, 
  • Stop trying so hard, and enjoy what you're doing
  • Stop resisting, 
  • Stop fighting with what you don't want, 
  • Learn to let it go 
  • Trust that life and what you want will work out and 
  • Allow everything to happen naturally
Sometimes we hold onto the pain of the past and we live our lives in the negative emotions of our worries and problems, when the better approach would be to let it go.

We tend to give all our attention to what we don't want instead of focusing on what we do want, which is not ideal as we draw towards us what we focus on the most.

When you have been living off a negative self image of yourself or you have had a bad habit or limiting belief for so long it  becomes a part of you and a part of your personality or identity.

Because of this, you can find it hard to let go even though it is serving you no good or it is not what they want. 

Stop drawing off your bad experiences and create new positive ones about you and your future.

If this is the case, do not fall victim to this mentality trap, just let it go or get rid of it because if it is not helping you or it is not what you want.

Why hang onto to something that you don't need or anything that is getting you down or making you feel bad.

So, if it something is not serving you well or not helping you, release it and no longer let it be a part of you or your life, then design and create a positive new self image of you.

60) You're so much smarter than you think

No matter what you may have been told or come to believe, you already have the capabilities built within you to learn and become smarter than you could possibly imagine.

What often stops people from learning and tapping into their true potential, is the belief and outright lie, that they are not good or smart enough, they are not in the right state of mind and body, they give up too quickly, they do not have the right strategy or they do not put in the effort or practice that is required.

As a baby and young child you were born with the ability to learn. Young children learn by practicing repeatedly, sheer determination, being in the right state, having the right mindset and through trial and error. 

For example, when children first try to ride a bike, they do not succeed the first time, they might fall off or fail many times.

But they keep up the enthusiasm and will to learn, they do not draw off their failures or allow the fear of failure to put them off having another and another go, and they do not give up until they succeed.

Instead of quitting, they keep on trying until they get it right, then they joyfully revel in their success and by doing this, it creates a positive association which allows them to be able to confidently ride a bike for the rest of their lives, without fearing it or doubting their ability to ride a bike.

On the other hand, the adult will try something or have a bad experience and instead of having another go or trying to do better, they will dwell on the bad experience or failure. 

Then they allow it to limit them and prevent them from growing or learning, or they will create the belief that they are not very good at what they're attempting to do or learn.

Your mindset, attitude and your willingness and approach to learning, do better and carry on even when you're struggling, will determine how long you stick at something and how good you become. 

Imagine how limited we would be, if we gave up after the first attempt when we were a child.

61) Be the real authentic you

Be proud of you, and try to be your true authentic self. One of the worse things that you could do to lower your self esteem is to want to be somebody else, or not to be happy with who you are. 

It is fine to inspire to be as successful as other people and to try and emulate their achievements and even do better, but don't wish to be them.

Instead, accept yourself, learn to like yourself and aim to be the best version of yourself because you're already special and good enough.

Life would become a lot more rewarding and better if we stopped focusing on our perceived weaknesses, shortcomings, failures, what we lack, we stop allowing our negative past to influence our future.

Wouldn't it be great if you stopped knocking ourselves and instead you started to discover who you really are as well as unlocking our true limitless potential, so you can begin to become the true person that you want to be, because the truth is, you're already potentially the person you wish to be.

At the end of your life you want to have lived the best and happiest life possible, knowing that you've done all the things that you wanted to do, you have had a great life experience, rather than leaving this world full of regrets and sorrow for what you did not do, attempt or become.

Many people are controlled by fear and full of self doubt enjoy, partially because they have created a negative opinion of themselves. 

They picture and envisage things going wrong for them all the time, when it is just as easy, more satisfying and it feels a whole lot better to imagine things going right or well.

When you imagine things going wrong all the time or you see yourself failing, then you will be setting yourself up for failure, so wouldn't it be better to start to set a blue print for a future more successful and confident you.

62) Essentials for being happier

Happiness is an option and state of mind and body that we all have the choice to access at any given time.

To test this, forget about your troubles, stop focusing on what you don't have or what could go wrong for a minute and think of a time when you felt really happy and good and return back to that memory and experience and note how much better you feel.

You have the ability to change your state, through your imagination, so this proves that you do not need any physical possession, thing or experience to make you feel good.

This does not mean you should not strive to live the life you want or have the things you desire, but you should not rely on anything or anybody for your happiness.

Some of the key ingredients of happiness are, to try to get on with others around, accept that people are different and try to have good relationships with others and try not to allow outside, what is to influence, upset you or affect how you feel. 

Try and stay present in the moment, if you start to have angry, anxious or negative thoughts, focus on your breathing, relax your body and choose to ignore or not to get emotionally involved with the unwanted thoughts and images of your mind, so you can quickly return to the peace of the now.

Try to enjoy your work, except you have to work, because if you spend a large part of your life working and if you hate your work it will drag you down and depress you or get a new more challenging and rewarding life.

If you have a repetitive job, focus on ways to better your life, take up new hobbies, interest or learn new skills, learn a new language, skill or set up a second income stream that you can do in your spare time, something you feel passionate about. 

Then use your time at work to add value to your life and grow, your new venture, self image, hobby or passion so you can make the most of all that spare available time to better your life.

Look after yourself and treat your body with respect, focus on keeping fit and healthy, because there is a lot that you can do to improve your health and well-being.

Exercise is a medicine that can help to keep you fit, reduce pain and help you to feel good, the same applies to learning how to relax, reducing stress and tension and laughter.  

Maintaining a continuous flow of energy and feeling good state of mind and body, is a fundamental ingredient for your well-being and happiness.

63) Be More Independent And Self Indulgement 

Whether you are single or in a relationship from time to time it will not do you any harm to be more independent and self indulgent, do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to do things on your own, because nobody owns you.  

We grow stronger from doing things, so step out of your comfort zone and find out more about yourself and what you want, buy a ticket and hop on the bus or train by yourself as travelling is one of the best ways to learn and experience life more. 

You might feel a little apprehensive at first, but feel the emotions and still do it. You can learn so much more about yourself by going out alone and it can give your confidence a boost, make an effort to speak to strangers, especially if they are alone. 

Think about yourself more and put your needs first every now and again, if that means being a bit selfish, then so be it. 

If you have a point to make say it, you don't have to be argumentative or aggressive, but you also don't always have to hold back either. 

Sometimes you have to experience the bad to find the good, in time you will learn from your experiences what makes you feel good and what does not, so you will know what to do and what to avoid. 

64) Acceptance

Sometimes you have to accept the things that you cannot change or you have to accept that change and goals can take time.

If you want to achieve a personal goal, let's say you want to start your own business or build a better body, then you have to accept these things can take time and there will be obstacles and challenges to overcome, however this does not mean you have to give in.

Sometimes there are things that we want to change, but we either can't or we have no control over them.

It can make your life a lot easier if you accept and let go of the things that you cannot change and put all your energy on to working on the things that you can change.

Sometimes the first step to change is to accept what is or accept and surrender to your current situation so you can release all the feelings of stress, frustration and disappointment which will leave you a clear mind to plan your strategy for a better future or overcoming your challenges. 

Acceptance of your current situation can save you a lot of stress, worry and anxiety, lets say you're stuck in a traffic jam, if you accept the situation and surrender to what is, you're going to feel a whole lot better than trying to resist something that you cannot change. 

The refusal to accept your current situation or problem can lead to you to resist it and opposing it which can cause you to hang on to your feelings of annoyance, fear, irritation, anger, stress, sadness, disappointment, resentment and frustration. 

Failing to accept the challenging things that life throws at you can result in unnecessary emotional pain, but the most important thing you need to accept is you.

65) Try Not To Focus On Yourself

One of the single biggest causes of emotional suffering and pain is when we put too much focus on ourselves or what we consider to be our weaknesses and flaws.

Another form of negative self focus is when we become too aware and too bothered by our negative thoughts and feelings which nearly always makes them worse.

Unless your inner self focus is positive or aimed at making you grow, try not to put too much attention on yourself and get out of your head and more engaged in the world around.

If you have a problem admit you have a problem, then either do something about it or seek help, if you're struggling, if things aren't going well or if you're going through a difficult time admit it and then plan for a better future.

66) Problem Solving

We all go through bad times and we all have problems to deal with. The trick is to solve your problem before it has a chance to escalate into a much bigger problem. 

Because when you give all your attention to the problem and not the solution then you will become too emotionally and mentally involved with the problem, and you cannot solve a problem until you shift out of the negative energy of the problem. 

It's fine to analyze a problem to see where you have been going wrong, also ask yourself or others question, you can even use a little bit of negativity to avoid any possible pitfalls

Behind every problem lies a solution and all problems need a solution, but you will struggle to find the solution if you remain stuck in the negative energy that is responsible for most people's problems.

The first thing to do is to relax and chill out so that you can take yourself out of the negative energy of the problem, then when you are feeling more calmer, you can analyze and look at your problem more objectively, with a clear mind. 

Why you have this problem, what is the reason behind your problem and what can you do to overcome it or improve it your situation. 

Study and observe what you're doing wrong and try to work out, then research or find out what you need to do to improve, make it easier or do it better.

Because when things are not going right for us or we are not getting the results you want, then you either have to let it go and move on or do things differently because as the old saying goes. 

"If you carry on doing things the same way, then you will keep on getting the same results".

Most people, when they have a problem or they want to do better, will just carry on doing things the same old ways, and living in the emotion of the problem, without giving the situation much thought or careful consideration.

What you will need to do is focus on the solution, the first step though is to calm your mind and relax your body so you can get out of the negative energy of your problem, then either research or ask your mind some questions. 

Techniques like meditation can take you out of the energy of the problem and it can transform you to the calm energy where the solution can be found. 

67) Take A Positive From A Negative

Life can seem tough at times and we all go through challenging times, everybody has bad emotional experiences that we have to deal with.

If you have had a bad or unpleasant experience, the thing is, try not to dwell on it, because there is no point or little to gain through over analyzing or over thinking what has already happened.

The more you run through or return to a negative or embarrassing experience the worst thing will get.

Because, when you allow what is or what has happened to start to bother you, then your mind will see it as being significant.

The more significant you make it, the worse your issue becomes, and your mind will tag negative emotions to it which will keep you focused on what you don't want and it will hold the negative thinking patterns in place.

Whatever is bothering you, drop the matter or issue and let your mind know that, you'll work or figure it out, and let you know that you will learn something from this experience which will help you grow.

We cannot always control what happens in your environment, but you can control how you react and you can learn and grow from the experiences that are put in front of you.

Make it your intentions that you will become a better me from your negative experience and you will come back and be a better person. 

Use your experience to motivate and drive you on, so you will be better prepared and more able to handle future similar types of situations.

68) Good Time Management

If you want to get more done and be more productive, then it is important to make the most of the limited time that you have available each day.

Because there are only twenty four hours each day so if you want to be more efficient, if you want to get more accomplished, then you need to maximize your time. 

Getting more done should not involve rushing or trying to cram too much in, because that will just make you flustered and less in control. 

Good time management is all about being more productive in the amount of time that you have allocated each day and making the most out of your time.

To get more done, you need to operate at your peak performance levels. This will require you feeling at your peak efficient best without any outside or negative distractions, so you will need to feel relaxed and happy.

Sometimes it's better to relax, forget deadlines and slow down to get more done or to do things quicker, because you will perform better when you're feeling relaxed but motivated.

The harder you try, the more difficult it is to perform well, and when you rush, you will just get more frustrated, stressed and things will tend to go wrong. 

The secret is to work smarter than harder, so instead of just rushing in or trying to force yourself to go quicker. Calm yourself down, take it easy and gradually build up your speed naturally. 

Work at a pace that suits you, make yourself comfortable, because when you feel relaxed and comfortable, you will find your optimum peak flow performance level. 

Instead of seeing things as a choir, learn to enjoy what you're doing and you will find you will do it so much better and more efficiently, and you will get better results.

69) Be Proud Of Yourself

We're all very good at beating ourselves up, we all put ourselves down too much, we're all far too hard on ourselves and we're all our own biggest critics

But all this self knocking of ourselves can erode our self esteem and self worth. So isn't time people started praising themselves up a bit by starting being kind to themselves and definitely started to feel more proud of themselves.

Because if you want to be more successful, happier and you want to boost your self esteem levels, then it is essential to appreciate your efforts ad vital to feel proud of yourself and all of your achievements, no matter how big or small they are.

Your inner self will reward you when you feel proud of yourself and your achievements and it is a vital element in building your self respect, self esteem and your self worth. 

The good things are, your mind will react the same way, if you're feeling prouder of the little things that you have done, than it would if you had accomplished a big achievement.

Therefore, praising yourself up for the small things will bring about the same positive results as being proud of the big things.

70) Have A Growth Mindest

Many people have a fixed and sometimes stagnant mindset where they allow their previous experiences to keep them small, stagnant and stuck. 

This traps them in a fixed and limited mindset, making them struggle to grow and move forwards.

When they then have to face a particular challenge, especially if it is similar to a type of situation or challenge where they struggled or failed at before, then those negative experiences can knock their self confidence and seriously hold them back.

Although at times you may think that it is just too hard to grow and improve, nothing is set in stone and it is possible to grow and become a better version of you.

This may require dropping some of your limiting beliefs and taking on some new positive beliefs that you are good enough, you are valuable enough and you are capable enough. 

Because, what blocks you from growing is believing that you are stuck or the type of thinking where you convince yourself that you cannot improve or do better. 

If you think you are stuck at a particular skill or confidence level, then this will prevent you from developing a growth mindset or it will cause you to give up or not even try at all. 

To develop a growth mindset you have to be open to change and new possibilities and idea's about your abilities and potential.

Start to believe in your ability to change and improve, because this will give you a growth mindset and with a bit of practice, it will help you to take a step up to the next level as you begin to increase your skill levels. 

When you develop continual a growth mindset, then you will free yourself from the shackles of your limitations, you will be more successful, you will see setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow and you will sail through new challenges.

Start to empower yourself with a bit of positivity in yourself and your abilities, and face each new challenge head on and instead of hesitating and thinking yourself out of doing things, turn your new thoughts of optimism into action.

To grow, you have to step out of your comfort zone and growing is all about how you react to failures and challenges and how you deal with setbacks.

Failures and setbacks are a part of learning and growing, they're designed to make you stronger and better. 

Use any negative criticism and any setbacks to drive you on to fight for what you really want.

When you take on a new challenge, see yourself succeeding and victorious, listen to upbeat music before you face the challenging situation and keep boosting yourself up with some positive inner self talk.

71) Express Your Emotions

Do not try to suppress, fight or block out your inner emotions, because if you do then they probability is they will keep on coming back at you.

When you're feeling negative emotions, do not fight them, instead feel the emotion and then change it.

Because if you try to suppress or fight with your emotions you will hold on to them and you won't process the emotion and overcome it.

The trick is when you sense the onset of a negative emotion, acknowledge it, feel and observe it, but don't react to it, just let the negative emotion carry on, then you can decide what you want to do with it.

If you're feeling anxious you can acknowledge it, "Yes, I am feeling anxious right now, then embrace and feel it, then say, how I want to feel is peaceful and calm".

If you're feeling sad, have a good cry and then start planning for a better future and take action steps to feel better. 

Negative emotions won't hang about too long if you make an effort to focus on something else or you think about another subject.

Although you should not suppress your emotions, you should not feed them either, just make it a habit to acknowledge your thoughts and emotions, then let them fade away.

You cannot control your mind, but you can control what you choose to engage in and how you choose to react to your thoughts and your inner voice.

72) Death Is Nothing To Fear

All fears no matter how obscure or irrational they may appear boil down to one thing and that is the fear of dying.

Since the dawn of time our subconscious minds have evolved to keep us safe, and one of the biggest things that prevents people from living happily is the fear of dying.

You cannot have any guarantee's in life, but life is for living and not focusing on dying.

You have to ask the question does death really exist or is it just part of the story and the illusion of life.

Because, we only know how to exist and life is just an experience of existing, this means your mind can not envisage what it's like not to exist. 

Take a few minutes and try to imagine what death really is or try to think what it is like to not exist or to go to sleep and never wake up again.

No matter how long you think about, it is impossible for your mind to envisage death because it has no recollection of death because your mind only knows how to exist and it cannot draw off anything that it has never experienced.

We all might have our own perceptions about death from a physical perspective, but it does not exist from an internal perception. So be sensible and only focus on enjoying living.

73) Relax yourself before a stressful situation

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit of mild discomfort before a challenging situation or event, but for some, these types of situations can cause a lot of stress and a full out anxiety attack.

If you feel anxious and tense before a particular situation, then somehow you have managed to condition your mind that the forthcoming stressful situation is threatening.

What you need to do is to start to condition your mind to associate the stressful situation as being none threatening.

Do a little bit of preparation before the challenging situation, so just before you face the challenging situation.

Relax and ease your muscles and take some slow and controlled, long, deep rhythmic breaths, make the out breath longer and push all the way out, as this will help you to condition the mind that the situation is safe.

Again, before you enter the stressful situation, imagine that it has already happened and you have already come through the situation and everything went well.

74) Cut Out The Self Blame

It is good to keep on learning and doing better, and everybody should set goals or work on bringing their desires into reality.

Your dominant intention should always be to feel good, because nothing matters more to you than for you to feel good.

But no matter how hard you try, there will be times when you struggle and you will get off days and there will be times where things go wrong or you will experience negative emotions.

Things like the Law of Attraction, state that we are responsible for our own destiny, outcomes and feelings, and although this may be true, we are also human beings.

Some go as far to say, when things don't turn out the way we want, it's all our fault or that we are to blame for our shortcomings, problems or failures.

But so long as you're doing your best, that's all you can do, and you should not blame yourself for everything that goes wrong or when things do not quite work out. 

Because it's OK to experience negative emotions, it's OK if you have not yet achieved your goals and it's OK to get things wrong.

When we blame ourselves or we get upset and frustrated because we have not reached the levels we want or we are not getting the results that we expect.

Then it can lead to self blame, disappointment, believing that we are not good enough and even mild depression.

You will find that you will benefit more from a bit of friendly self encouragement and self praise.

Just have faith through the bad times, keep doing your best, take one step at a time and vow to turn your adversity and failures into success.

But most importantly of all keep your spirits up during those difficult times and enjoy your life experience and every time life knocks you down, come back more powerful, stronger and better. 

75) Face Your Fears

Fear sabotages growth and keeps you small and the best way to overcome your fears is to face them.

You can learn relaxation techniques that will help you to feel calmer before you face your fear, but at some point you will have the face the feared thing or situation.

Try not to use negative phrases like, don't be scared because your brain will only pick up on the word scared.

You can say, yes, I feel scared but I have the confidence and security to handle the situation and whatever happens I'll be OK.

Use your imagination to imagine the "worst case scenario happening" but imagine being OK and handling the situation in a calm and resourceful way, then see yourself after the situation looking safe and secure.

Instead of resisting your fearful thoughts, leave your mind alone and let your mind think the fearful thoughts, but don't you think them or get emotionally caught up in them, and you will find your mind if left alone will quickly calm and become quiet.

It is perfectly natural and OK the feel scared at times, so long as you don't allow your fears to control you.

Normally, it is not the thing or situation that is the problem, it is the fear itself that is the real issue, so every time you feel anxious, let you know that it is just feelings and feelings can never harm you.

When you have to face a fearful or stressful situation, relax your shoulders and take so deep, slow breaths, then put on a big smile and face the feared situation and stay put until the fear subsides.

Feel the fear and embrace it, and just observe your feelings from a detached second person perspective and do what you want to do despite how you feel.

Fear only persists if you take a disliking to it or you fight it, and if you start to avoid situations because you dislike the uncomfortable feelings then they will grow stronger.

When a person goes out of their way to try and stop or avoid their uncomfortable feelings, then the brain remembers that feeling fearful is what it is supposed to do in those situations.

Anxiety is your mind projected ahead a potential risk or threat, our minds are very good at projecting what might go wrong up to the point of the potential thing or situation, and in the case of anxiety it cannot see further than the worrying situation..

But you can learn to outsmart your mind, by projecting beyond the point of the feared thing, situation or event, and when you show your mind that you have already come through and handled the situation and you're OK then the anxiety will start to fade.

So if you're feeling a bit stressful or anxious about an upcoming situation, project yourself into the future and then imagine that you have already come through the challenging situation, imagine it is a few minutes or more after the even and you have come through it and you're safe and secure.

Then you can look back in time, and watch yourself handling and coping with the feared situation in a very calm and resourceful, relaxed manner, see everything going well for you.


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All it takes is a few small choices and decisions and an upbeat mindset to set you on your journey to a better life

Having supreme confidence, talents and gifts is not something that we are born with and anybody can

The use of subliminal messaging in the self help industry has been around for quite so, but now subliminal messaging is even better 

Although sometimes physical action is required, weight loss begins in your head so use your mind to help think yourself thin

Beliefs are powerful they will either make you or break you or keep you stuck, the right belief gives you the motivation that you can 

There is someone out there for everyone, but sometimes we just try too hard to find our true love and soul mate

You cannot always have the guarantee that you will win back your ex, however, most relationships can be saved no matter how bad things are

"Please,clouds don't rain!" Not going to work is it? And Neither will trying to reassure someone who is insecure

 There is nothing wrong with being shy, however it can deprive you of and cause you to miss out om all the good things

There are very few relationships that cannot be saved if both parties are willing to put in a bit more effort and be more understanding

Brainwave technology in the self improvement industry sector is constantly improving so technology does the hard work for you

Most of your fears and problems are caused by emotionally charged pictures and words that are being flashed in your mind

Start to plant in your mind the seeds for more happiness, success and enjoyment and apply the law of attraction to live life by design

We are all a little bit guilty of taking life to seriously at times and we could all begin to take a leaf out of your kids book



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