How To Manifest The Life You Desire

The basic ingredients to manifesting are, know what you want, see it in your mind already accomplished, believe and know you can have it or achieve it, take action on your intuition and allow it to happen. 

We don't get the things we want because we resist them, if you can dream it you can achieve it, where people fall down is the gap in between the dreaming and the happening.  

Manifesting is not always instant so you have to be patient in the process because  sometimes there will be a time delay to when that experience you want comes about. 

The first thing to be aware of about manifesting is, there should be no struggle involved, no doubt and no uncertainty. 

The opportunities, circumstances and idea's will come to you as long as you trust in the process and you believe it will happen. If you keep the faith and take action then there will come a day when it happens.

This may mean that you have to cast aside all your previous conceptions about money, finding your ideal partner, your health and so on because you must rid your mind of all ideas of lack, scarcity and having to try to hard. 

Manifesting is all about energies, positive energies make you feel good, vibrant and alive and those good feelings will help you draw towards you all the good things and opportunities you want.

Whilst on the other end of the scale, negative energies of lack, things going wrong, fear, doubt and frustration to name a few will drag you down and drain you of your energy and make you feel bad. 

So ditch all the negative emotions because they will leave you feeling lethargic, stuck where you don't want to be and small. Low vibrational energy will repel away all that you desire and attract all the things that you don't want into your experience.

Remember how you wish to feel and how you choose to live your life is totally in your control so avoid allowing others and your current circumstances to dictate your feelings and achievements. Think new thoughts of abundance and you will vibrate with the energy of abundance.

Anybody Can Be Successful And Live A Happy Life 

We all have the same opportunities in life as everybody else, it is a level playing field, yes some come from a wealthy back ground so they start of with a advantage, but many wealthy and successful people start off from scratch with nothing. 

It is their strong desire, determination, faith and ambition that sees them through to achieving their dreams.

The two biggest forces behind manifesting are, what you truly belief to be true and your feelings, this may mean you have to go inside yourself and change some of those old limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving towards your desires. 

This may involve by-passing your conscious logical mind and entering your all powerful subconscious mind which does all the manifesting and holds all your creative powers.

If you want to change your current circumstances you will have to change your beliefs and how you think, both the conscious and unconscious mind have to be in agreement and aligned with your goals before they can be manifested. If you want one thing but your not a vibrational match to that desire then it will prove difficult to bring it into your experience.

Lets say your thinking about making more money but your still in a negative energy of not having any, then that negative energy will cause a resistance to what you want because your most dominant feelings will be negative orientated and the universe only deals with feelings.

This is the part that can prove tricky for many people as they keep allowing what is or what they have not yet got to sabotage their chances of successfully manifest it. We have been conditioned by society to believe we have to work hard to achieve something, but that is not always the case, we allow frustration and impatience to spoil our attempts to create a better life. 

If you can quell the urge of having everything instantly and you find the patients, faith and calmness from within, then you will be taking the first steps towards creating the life you want on the outside.

Expectation and complete confidence with an absolute certainty is one of the most power-fullest creative forces in the known universe, scientist tell us, "when consciousness searches with the expectation that something will be there, it creates it". Everything is energy including us and matter and matter behaves accordingly to the observer expectations.

The universe dances to the music of feelings, if you have thoughts of doubt, worry and lack then you will be omitting a negative energy, the universe cannot decide for you what you want or what is best for you, so it can only give you match back to the emotions you send out on a consistent basis.

Play the victim and you will become the victim, if you focus on hardship and struggle then that's what you will come to observe in your daily life. 

When you begin to change your thoughts onto all that is good and focus on what you want then you will be rewarded with more positive outcomes and opportunities. 

Ask yourself this question, do things go well for you when your in a negative and bad mood, there are not any books written about the power of negative thinking. 

Things do go wrong for the successful, the difference is they avoid slipping into a negative spiral and they quickly bounce back before that negative energy has a chance to gather momentum.

Stay In The Now And Keep Fear At Bay

Your future is created in the now, your powers lie in the now, there is only the now, when you step out of the now viewed from a negative perception your energy will change for the worst. 

Fear and negative emotions can not get to you when your in the safety of the now, it's OK to look forward or back from a positive perspective if it makes you feel happy and it's driven by optimism. 

To manifest your desires you need to assume with positive feelings that you already have what you want or you know with faith and certainty that it's coming to you, but all to often we attach negative energy to what we truly want.

This is where most people trip up when you want something but it is not yet showing up your logically mind and your sense will tell you that it's not working because this is what you have been used too up until now. 

If you are only observing what is then your going to keep what is, you must ignore what your senses and rational mind is telling you to a degree. 

This does not mean you should be foolish and go out and spend a lot of money before you have it on the presumption there is plenty of money coming to you. But in your mind you should act as if you know it's on it's already a done deal and you know its on the way to you with no question or doubts. 

Our Reality Is A Reflection Of Our Imagination

Manifesting is the combination of strong faith and positive feelings, our inward activity becomes our outside circumstances. Another common mistake people make is they just want something for the material benefits. 

But it's not about external circumstances, why you really have wants and desires things is because of the good feelings or the good experiences you think they will give you.. 

Our sole aim in life is to experience, peace, love and joy and all these are feelings or internal states. Yes you should have wants and desires because they give us a better quality of life, but to manifest them in need to feel good first.

Using your thoughts in a positive way is the best way to achieve this, this will give you the good feelings, add the belief to this and the universe will start to set in motion and it will begin to arrange all the things, people and circumstances you need to manifest your desires, but you have to be ready and waiting to spot those opportunities and then take action on them immediately. 

What we sew we shall reap, but remember if you want to lose weight, start a new business or career then you have to take action on your new idea's, the universe is like a guidance system but it cannot do the action work for you.

It's A battle With Yourself And Your Old Paradigms 

We are our own worst enemy, the biggest obstacle that stops us from getting what we want is our inner battle with ourselves. We know the law of attraction works but when we want something and it has not materialized we allow or old logical thinking to keep us focused on it has not happened yet. This frustrated state pushes away the very thing we desire or causes us to give up to soon.

 It is only when we get out of the way and allow things to happen do they then come into our lives a lot quicker and easier. You must trust your subconscious mind and let it get on with manifesting your wishes. 

To get what you want you have to align your vibration (feelings) with the same match as the thing you want to manifest, this means letting go of all negative resistance. In order to receive something from the none physical to the physical you must vibrate at your desired positive frequency first, do not allow any negative thoughts to take hold in your mind.

All Good Things Reside In The Positive Frequency Range

This means more good things come when your in a positive energy vibration and more bad things happen when your in a negative state of vibration. This does not mean that's all there is to it, just by feeling good it does not mean an abundance of money is going to come into your life. 

There are other components, you have to state and focus on your intentions, you have to take action on your intuitions and idea's, you need a strong belief in yourself and your capabilities. You also need to keep yourself in a positive feel good state as much as possible.

The first thing to do is to focus on good feeling thoughts and ignore thoughts that cause any negative resistance. You need to change your old limiting beliefs and be more open to change and better ways of thinking.

You need to de-program anything that is not working for you and then re-program yourself for success. Forget what's already happened because it does not matter where you have been what's more important is where you are now and where you want to be. 

Accept what is then start to focus on all the good things that are coming, when you keep on observing with your sensory organs and your logical mind that it has not yet happened you will cause more disappointment and negative attraction. 

You need to stop all those resistance thoughts, just ask, then you let the source energy do the next stage while you do the allowing and you match your vibration with the good things you want to manifest. 

Any time you are stuck or you want an answer to a question just ask, always expect to receive for what you have asked for and expect an answer to your problems or difficulties. 

If you want information then you need to be in a relaxed state to receive the incoming information from the universal intelligence, meditation is a great way to quieten the mind and achieve it

Remember you will struggle to receive the solution to what your asking for while your still in the same negative state that's probably causing it, expect that your desires are on their way to you, expectation is a powerful creative state of being.

All our memories have an energy attached to them, negative memories are linked to a negative energy state. Any time we focus on an old negative memory we will activate the negative emotion, you need to change your internal sate by not focusing on bad memories and only think about things that cause you zero negative resistance.

You Cannot Change Using Old Beliefs

You also need to disassociate yourself from negative memories and limiting beliefs, for instance if you have been telling yourself you are poor change that statement to something like I remember when I used to be poor. 

If you are focused on lack, tell yourself I have plenty of money so you can activate a positive vibration around money. You don't have to get rid of all negative memories just don't activate them by giving them your attention.

The more you stay in a positive vibration the quicker and easier you will get what you want. External circumstances won't create a permanent internal feel good state, but when you change your inward state to a feel good energy then you will get more of what you want externally. 

By transforming into a positive energy vibration it will be the beginning process of a much better life. When you feel good things go better and better opportunities will start to present themselves to you. 

When Your feeling calm and happy it will open the doorway to your creativity, you should not put a time limit on your manifesting, things will happen in there own time when there ready. All good things come to those who wait and have faith, because the universe will pick up the vibration and respond accordingly.

Can Subliminal Audio Really Help You To Manifest?

Well, actually, yes and no... and "help" is the key word here. Subliminal messages won't do everything for you and manifest your wildest dreams without any further effort on your part. The metaphysical side of things is very important but you also need to be focused and actively pursuing your manifestation goals too.

What they can do is they can help you to realize your manifestation desires, they are one tool in a process of actions you need to take, you can use affirmations to shape your subconscious mind and align your subconscious thoughts to your conscious wishes and physical actions.

How Does It Work?

Subliminal messages have actually been referred to as the "missing ingredient" to success with the law of attraction.

This is basically because often people take physical action towards their goals, they even consciously try to manifest using their mind with practices such as affirmations and vision boards,  however still people struggle to see results.

And this is because of deeper held subconscious doubts and lacking beliefs in their ability to manifest. To most people the concept of manifesting is still new. To begin with  manifestation isn't easy, it is an abstract concept and isn't always as simple as simply starting to believe that you can manifest $1000 out of nowhere or manifest your dream car.

So we have these subconscious doubts, and it is these which stop us from truly manifesting on a higher level. this is where subliminal messages come in, they can be an effective way to tap directly into your subconscious mind. 

This will help you to eliminate these doubts and negative thoughts and to completely focus your mind so that you are taking action towards your manifestation goals, you are consciously manifesting, and your subconscious mind is completely supportive and positively aligned to your manifestation desires too.

In this way you can dramatically increase your manifestation results and goals. I hope this clears a few things up, mainly that subliminal audio is not a miracle solution, but actually it works in a simple way to target your subconscious mind and it can actually can have a really positive effect on your Law Of Attraction results.