Change Your Beliefs And Claim The Life That You Deserve And Can Have

We are all being controlled by our beliefs and conditioning. Some of our old beliefs might have been beneficial and served us well once but if you want to, change move forward and achieve a more fulfilling and rewarding life then you will have to create new beliefs to carry you through to that new more successful you and lifestyle.

The real big reason why most people struggle to achieve their goals or make the necessary changes they are seeking is because they are trying the impossible task of attempting to change and make their life better whilst they are still allowing their same old negative thought patterns and the same old self defeating stories to run in their mind.

The truth is, if you hold a belief about something you cannot change until you change the belief therefore you cannot make positive life improving changes with the same old beliefs systems that have kept you stuck, because when you keep on having the same old negative thoughts then you will continue to get the same results. 

If you want to change for the better then the thoughts that your thinking, the beliefs that you have adhered to up until now and the things that your doing have to change as well.

To simple formula to a more successful life goes like this, you first have to break and replace your old negative thought patterns and perceptions as well as forming some new positive and supporting beliefs. 

To take things a step further, people let their current results, past failures and mistakes to effect how they think and feel. This will not only create more limiting beliefs, more obstacles and more negative energy, but it will also cause you to feel more frustrated and disappointment thus putting you off doing the necessary action steps that are required.

All your results in your life to date and what you have or have not accomplished are a direct result of what you have come to believe and expect on a deeper subconscious level which are based on what you believe to be true about yourself and what other people have told you.

Other factors that can stifle your success and what you attempt are, what you believe your capable of, what you believe is achievable and possible.  If you are not achieving the things you want or your life is not working out how you would like it to be, then you will probably find that it is because of the beliefs you are holding onto.

The answer to changing your life and achieving the things you want is to change your unhelpful beliefs and to begin to challenge what is possible, this means if you want to move into your ideal life then before you go on your new exciting journey you have to be open minded to what's possible and willing to leave some of your old beliefs and thought patterns behind.

Once you change you beliefs and thoughts then your energy will shift, you will begin to feel more optimistic and empowered and it won't be long before your results and your life starts to improve for the better. 

Positive beliefs will encourage you to take positive action steps they will also help bring your dreams and wants into your reality. Negative ones will influence your mind to try and prevent you from changing and becoming more successful.

Most people try to change their outer reality physically and although you can do this it is the hard way of doing things. The far easier and better way is to change your inner reality first, this involves changing your beliefs, your attitude, what you deem to be possible and your perceptions.

Your beliefs shape you and your life 

Your beliefs are the thoughts and idea's that you have that go on to define who you are as well as shaping your reality, in fact your beliefs are so powerful that they set the blue print for your life. Your current set of beliefs will determine just about everything in your life including

  • Where you are at in your life at this present moment
  • How successful you are and how successful your going to be in future
  • What you achieve and how well you perform 
  • How happy you are and how you feel
  • What direction your heading

What you believe about yourself and this world will be true to your reality, what this means is you have total control over your whole life and your destiny, so it's not a case of how life treats you but how make life happen for you. 

Many people want to better their lives, but you cannot make positive changes with old negative beliefs. Your beliefs are a collection of thoughts that have been repeated so many times that they become a belief and what we come to accept and believe as being true, in time will come true in our world.

The good news is your beliefs are not set in stone, this means you can hack into the hardware of your mind and challenge them and even change them to your advantage. 

The trouble is, we come into this world with a blank slate and as very young children we are not capable of forming our own beliefs, this means we are totally dependent on the beliefs of others.

If you have confident, happy, positive and successful parents that install positive beliefs into your highly suggestible young mind then you already have am distinct advantage over the average child. 

However if you have negative parents who are maybe struggling then you may pick up many unhelpful and limiting beliefs that are not going to serve you very well at all.

As we progress through our childhood we pick up and form many more beliefs based on our experiences and our society conditioning and once we buy into them they will either have a positive or negative impact on us and our lives. 

These beliefs could be about money, how intelligent you are, whether you think you're good enough or if you see yourself as confident person or not. If you form the right beliefs then you will be well on your way to a more successful and happy fulfilled life.

But if you install negative beliefs about yourself then you can go onto to live a life of worry, lack, anxiety and struggle. In your early stages of life you are totally reliant on luck and chance and you have little say about the beliefs and idea's you're fed so you have no choice of how your conditioned.

The belief is the first step to positive change 

Having a positive belief is the first step before you can accomplish anything and you will struggle to make any progress in life if you don't believe in yourself to where you reach a point and feeling that you know for a fact that you will achieve what your aiming for.

Your mind will seek out beliefs and meaning from the world around you based on your previous experiences and conditioning. 

Many of your negative and limiting beliefs were planted in your mind even before you were able to communicate and think properly for yourself. Other destructive beliefs were formed at an early school age before you were mindful enough to challenge them.

When you were young your brain absorbed and accepted any belief that you were exposed to good or bad. And because most people are stuck in a negative state and mindset their mind becomes more focused on survival rather than enjoyment and success.

Once those negative beliefs were planted deep rooted in your subconscious mind your brain would then use all that information it has gathered regardless whether it helped and benefited you as a guideline to set the rule book for all your future thoughts, actions, decisions and behaviours. 

Basically you have taken on other people's beliefs to shape and form your future happiness and success. Sadly most people's belief are geared for failure and limitations and for many it has become a habit to anticipate being unsuccessful and things going wrong. 

To move forward you need to get into the habit of anticipating success and good things because when you start to expect success it will generate positive feelings that can catapult you to make positive actions and positive results.

The wrong ones can keep you small and feeling stuck, the right ones can make you great, beliefs are the structure of our reality, without them nothing would really exist and we would never move forward.

 Change your limiting beliefs

Because many of your beliefs come from your society conditioning and establishments that are not always moving with the times, this can mean that many of your beliefs are dated and holding you back. These limiting beliefs need to be either uprooted or changed.

Most people rarely stop to question and challenge their beliefs or the beliefs of others so they just run with the masses and if you follow the masses you will be like the masses, where as the highly successfully people tend to question the norm and look at new possibilities and different ways of doing things. 

But all is not lost, because you have the ability to swap or dismiss any beliefs that do not support you or where you want to go.

Ask yourself this question. What beliefs are you holding onto that are not serving or supporting you? 

What "facts or information" do you keep saying that are not really facts, but rather opinions and statements that are limiting you or holding you back? 

When you hear or read something especially if it is negative, do you question it or do you just automatically accept it as being true because you totally trust or accept the source information because negative information is not necessarily right but it can have a powerful negative impact on us.

If you do start to change your beliefs then you will begin to tap into your limitless inner powers and capabilities and you will begin to take control of your life and your destiny so you can start to live your life on your terms instead of the thoughts of others.

The secret is positive believing 

Your beliefs will shape your world, but to get the life and things you want your beliefs have to be accepted without doubt and they need to be backed by positive emotions, because if you're telling yourself one thing but your coming from a negative place then nothing is going to change for you.

Lets say your affirming to yourself you're rich and your making a lot of money but you are allowing your current results to determine your feelings then this is going too form two contrasting beliefs and the beliefs that are control your energy will determine your reality.

Your new beliefs need to be matched with a positive energy of zero resistance, this can prove to be very difficult phase for many people to break free of because they allow what is to govern their emotions and their thought processes.

The simple rule is, negative thoughts and beliefs will evoke negative emotions whilst on the flip side positive thoughts will evoke positive feelings, so the key is positive believing. 

If your coming from a negative state and you use affirmations or visualizing then you will be wasting your time, because it is the feelings that make the belief powerful and true. You have to feel it first before it can manifest itself into your experience, when you say affirmations you need to have a positive response the same applies with visualization. 

If your trying to change your life but you self doubt or feel frustrated about not getting the results you want they that means you don't really believe in the process or yourself. 

Positive feelings are an indication that you believe in what your doing and you trust with absolute certainty that what you want is coming to you, it's already done.

To demonstrate this a bit further, you can think about success all day long, day after day after day, for years even, yet you still might not become a success, because if you expect to fail, no amount of success thinking will fix it. This proves that you need positive thoughts backed by positive beliefs.

You can feel as happy and as loving as you want, but if you don't believe you'll actually have a fulfilling and satisfying life, then the chances are you won't attain that sort after satisfying and fulfilling life. If your trying to change a belief but your dominant energy is still negative then you will stay stuck where you are.

When you believe these things work, then they will make a difference, if your belief in affirmations isn't strong, then saying millions of them won't do anything for you. However, if you expect to see magic just because you utter a string of words, it may very well become your reality.

We live our life according to our beliefs, they hold the most power-fullest influence on what we can or can't do or become, in fact beliefs are so powerful they can either make you or break you. 

The beliefs you start to create now will have a big impact on your future so with this in mind only create new beliefs that are going to support you and get you to where you want to be.

Achieve everything you have dreamt of

Your beliefs  form your character, your personality, your self image, how you act and what you achieve and become. The right empowering ones can change lives, beliefs will help to manifest what you want into your reality. 

Beliefs are the king as far as it comes to creating and getting what you want, you live your life by your beliefs, they define you as a person, the right supporting ones can help you move forwards in a positive direction. 

The wrong ones can be damaging and unhelpful, they can even destroy your life, your reality is the manifestation of the things you believe to be true, both positive and negative. 

Our beliefs creates 'reality' in a sense, because what we think determines what we can and can't see, do or achieve. Things are not possible to us merely because we think there not possible, it is only when somebody achieves the seemingly impossible that we all change our perceptions.

A famous example of the power of beliefs is that of Roger Bannister the first man to break the four minute mile, up until then everybody thought it was impossible. After he had achieved it and once it was proved possible many more soon followed suit. Beliefs become dated, the world is constantly changing what served us once may no longer be helpful to us any more. 

You only really have one belief system rule and that is, how you think about yourself and your world, your own personal beliefs are not necessarily true or false they are just thought processes that have become true to you. 

Most people are living their lives governed by the idea's and perceptions of others but sometimes these belief patterns are not helpful and we need to change the rules to suit our own personal needs and dreams.

Definition of a belief 

What are beliefs? They are a series of idea's that are formed by our past experiences, a kind of certainty and knowing without question or doubting. They are created by how we have handled situations or by other people's experiences.

Beliefs are a serious of thoughts that have been repeated enough times to form a belief, ancient cultures and even some scientists state that beliefs are the matrix of our reality. 

Change your beliefs and you can influence your outer reality, our feelings help to shape and change our world. We live in a feelings and belief controlled reality, our inner world affects the outer.

The belief comes from the feelings emitted from the heart, the thoughts are in the mind and they are important to hold the idea in place, the emotion is in the body and the two merge in the heart chakra to form a feeling that is believed to be capable of changing the energy field that our reality is built upon.

The dictionary states that a belief is an acceptance that something exists or something is true, beliefs are a set of thought patterns, idea's and perceptions that have been repeated so many times they have formed a belief or a habit of the mind. 

Another way of describing them is, it is when you associate two things together. To define what is a belief, it is a thought that you think in relationship with you, your environment and your world. 

What you truly believe is true will manifest itself into your experience at some point. Faith is classed as a form of belief, faith is important, but faith can be hard to grasp for many people because it is something you want but it has not yet happened or been seen yet. With faith you have to believe something is going to happen with out question or doubt before it has actually happened.

From a science point of view

Ancient mystics, religious groups and scientists are now starting to think along the same lines. To demonstrate the power of belief, different scientists have performed the same experiments at different times and at different locations.

You would think they would get the same results, this however is not always the case, although they have done exactly the same experiment the results have varied. 

This has shown that the result of the tests are decided to a degree by the expectations of what each scientists was expecting to find. 

Quantum physicists are now telling us that, when consciousness searches with the expectation that something will be there it creates it, this means what we expect to happen and find usually does, what we think is true becomes the outcome. 

Most scientists already have a preconception and idea about what they expect to find before they set about doing their experiments, This poses the question that, do we discover things or do we create them based on our preconceived beliefs and expectations of what we believe to be true or what we expect to happen.

The placebo affect 

Sometimes we need something to help us to reinforce a new belief, you can change things through the power of thought alone, however most people like something to help them enforce the changes and improvements the desire. The placebo effect is probably one of the most powerful examples to prove and demonstrate the power of belief. 

The placebo effect is sometimes used as a medication substitute, a definition of placebo is to insert a belief through giving them something which actually produces real biological changes in humans. 

If people think that something will help them then the chances are it probably will, this demonstrates the power of the mind and faith.

Because it creates 'reality' in a sense, because what we think determines what we can and can't see or do. a person is given something like a sugar pill which as no therapeutic effect for a certain condition they have, the person however has no idea of this and they believe that the pill will help them. 

As long as the patient thinks the pill is genuine then the mere belief alone that the pill will help them does work. 

There comes a point when you have to switch from the believing to the knowing with certainty, because what ever you believe will determine your energy and your energy will determine what happens and what shows up for you in your life experiences.

To change you have to change the belief

It has often been quoted that what ever you believe you become, meaning you are what you belief yourself to be. Throughout your life you have been negatively conditioned, influenced and convinced by others and yourself through repetition to believe certain things are true. 

These are what as known as limiting beliefs which are keeping you stuck and small, but the real truth is, you are capable of so much more.

So with this in mind and as you now having the understanding that your beliefs shape you and your life then surely you owe it to yourself to challenge and examine some of your less supporting and limiting beliefs and then begin to change and replace those negative beliefs which are keeping you stagnant and small.

To take things a little bit further, where you are currently at in your life and what you have or have not achieved is a direct reflection to what you believe is possible for you in your version of this world.

If you want to change your current situation and embark on a more successful. satisfying, fulfilling journey then you will have to leave some of your old thoughts and beliefs about your world and what's possible behind you, because if you don't program your mind with new beliefs then your going to remain stuck where you are and where you don't really want to be.

If your not yet living a fulfilling life on your own terms and conditions it's because of your beliefs and how your mind has been programmed. If you want to step out of your old life and self and start on a prosperous and exciting new venture then you need to start to challenge your negative beliefs and ask yourself some questions regarding your old beliefs and idea's.

 How to change a belief

Do you trust and take everything your told to be true and set in concrete, do you believe the best is still yet to come and what do you really believe you can achieve, have and how much money to you think you can make.

When you set an intention do you allow your old beliefs to override your dreams and what you think is possible. Ask yourself this question ? Who do you allow to influence your thinking and idea's and what you can or cannot achieve.

Do you listen to people who have already succeeded in their field or achieved great things or do you pay more attention to people who have not really excelled or become successful. A lot of people follow and believe those who are not successful.

But there is usually a reason why they are not successful and pursuing their passion and that is because they have also believed and followed the masses.

Start to ask yourself? Where did your limiting beliefs come from and who created them. If you have a limiting or negative belief ask yourself is that really true and how do you know then dismiss them and replace them with beliefs of what can and will be.

Then take one of the negative beliefs you identified and write down what you’d like to believe and what will happen.

Yo can create an affirmation for yourself to support your new belief and repeat the affirmation frequently and try generate as much positive emotion with the new idea, affirm what you want as if it is already happening. 

Every time you affirm and focus on what you want instead of affirming what you don't want all the time you will begin to reinforce that new belief. 

Keep taking action to further enforce your new belief, read and study about people who have achieved what you want and observe and watch programs of successful people that you want to emulate and inspire to be.

The more you can engage your new belief with positive emotions and actions and behaviours the sooner you will become and live your life around that new powerful positive belief. Learn more about what you want and take action steps that will take you towards your goals and desires.

When you try to change or you set a new goal that is outside your normal comfort zone your limiting beliefs which are not true and your negative emotions will try and do everything they can to prevent you from advancing forward by attempting to keep you small and safe in the confines of your comfort zone.

If any limiting beliefs crop up, you can say they that has served me well but that is out dated, unhelpful and inaccurate and then change it to a positive based beliefs. Sew some seeds of doubt to the foundations of any unproductive beliefs. 

When you start to make new formed beliefs look for any positive evidence of any times in the past when you were lucky, successful or confident to back up and reinforce the new ideas.

The best time to deal with limitations is when your already feeling good or relaxed, then change your perceptions and attitude and don't go back to your old ways of thinking. 

Many programs will recommend you analyse and dig into your problems and rake up up the past to try and identify those chore limiting beliefs and bring them to surface and then try and change them, but you can skip all that process and just focus on creating new positive supporting beliefs.

Because finding a core belief is not a process of digging into the problem even deeper because that just activates more negative energy and pain. 

It is far better to try to find out what's underneath your problem or what's keeping you stuck to see if you can uncover the root belief that is causing it and then replacing that belief with something positive and helpful. 

Because in the end it doesn't matter whether your beliefs are right or wrong or true or false because it all boils down to the fact of. Are your beliefs taking you in the direction you want to go or are they moving you further away from your goals and the life you want and deserve to have. 

If your beliefs are not helping you to move forward then you need to replace then with beliefs that will serve you well and advance you in the right direction.

What tends to happen when people try to oppose new beliefs over old limiting ones is the new belief clashes with the old belief otherwise known as a conflicting belief.

So if what your telling yourself causes negative energy and a contradictory response and more often than not the old beliefs win especially when your tying to change your reality but your current results are telling you a different story.

The key to change is through repetition, if your mind listens to one new bit of information it will not really sink in or change your subconscious programming, 

When your mind hears or is fed the same information and words over and over again then in time the new information will sink in and be accepted by your subconscious mind and changes will begin to happen.

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