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What Are Beliefs And Why They Are So Important


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Beliefs are powerful they can either make you or break you, the wrong ones can keep you small and feeling stuck, the right ones can make you great. Your beliefs are everything the shape and mould your whole life, they form your character, your personality, your self image, how you act and what you achieve and become. They help to shape our world, the right empowering ones can change lives, beliefs will help to manifest what you want into your reality, negative ones however will bring about what you don't want. 

Beliefs are the king as far as it comes to creating and getting what you want. You live your life by your beliefs, they define you as a person, the right supporting ones can determine how well you perform and how well you do in every area of your life. The wrong ones can be damaging and unhelpful, they can even destroy your life, your reality is the manifestation of the things you believe to be true, both positive and negative. Our beliefs creates 'reality' in a sense, because what we think determines what we can and can't see, do or achieve.

However your limiting and unhelpful beliefs will keep the things that you want away from you. Your beliefs systems do not know whether your beliefs are limiting or helpful, they are just based on your subconscious perceptions and your environmental conditioning, unless you change your belief systems things will remain pretty much the same. Things are not possible to us merely because we think there not possible, it is only when somebody achieves the seemingly impossible that we all change our perceptions.

A famous example of the power of beliefs is that of Roger Bannister the first man to break the four minute mile; up until then everybody thought it was impossible. After he had achieved it and once it was proved possible many more soon followed suit. Beliefs become dated, the world is constantly changing what served us once may no longer be helpful to us any more. 

You only really have one belief system rule and that is, how you think about yourself and your world, your own personal beliefs are not necessarily true or false they are just thought processes that have become true to you. Most people are living their lives governed by the idea's and perceptions of others but sometimes these belief patterns are not helpful and we need to change the rules to suit our own personal needs and dreams.

If It's Not Helping You Change It

Limiting belief systems are deep rooted internal program's which are stored in the subconscious mind. If you think you can't find a job or you belief you won't be promoted at the job you are already doing then you'll find it hard to either get a job or get that promotion you feel you deserve. The right beliefs will bring you more of what you want the wrong ones will create more struggle and misery, that's because what you believe is what you get.

If you think you can't meet the ideal person for you then chances are you'll always find it hard to meet that right person. If you think you cannot lose weight you will struggle to lose weight, the same applies to money, if you think it's hard to make or that money is bad then your subconscious mind will block and sabotage your efforts to attract more money. 

There is much published about the Law of Attraction, but when most people preach about the law of attraction they sometimes miss out one important ingredient and that is without the belief the chances are your not going to get the life or things you want. A strong belief is knowing with absolute certainty and confidence that what you want is certain to happen before it actually does.

There has to be no doubt what so ever, when you know with certainty and confidence and that certainty and knowing is backed up with positive feelings even when what you want has not yet manifested, then anything becomes possible and within your grasps. The right beliefs can be the beginning of positive changes in your life.

Definition Of A Belief 

The dictionary states that a belief is an acceptance that something exists or something is true, beliefs are a set of thought patterns, idea's and perceptions that have been repeated so many times they have formed a belief or a habit of the mind. Another way of describing them is, it is when you associate two things together. To define what is a belief, it is a thought that you think in relationship with you, your environment and your world. 

What you truly believe is true will manifest itself into your experience at some point. Faith is classed as a form of belief, faith is important, but faith can be hard to grasp for many people because it is something you want but it has not yet happened or been seen yet. With faith you have to believe something is going to happen with out question or doubt before it has actually happened.

Religious Point Of View 

 There are many quotes in the bible referring to the power of faith and believing. What we believe to be true on a spiritual level can have a impact on our lives. Prayer is one of the biggest world wide regarded powers for demonstrating the power of faith and belief. When we pray for help and information we are putting all our trust in faith and the power of believing. 

The world and universe is a direct result of what we have come to believe, the universe is made up of energy, it is a creation based upon the projection of our beliefs and perceptions. It is the most powerful and creative force that is known in the universe and it lies deep inside of you. People have made miraculous and inspiration changes in their lives, they have defied all the odds just by relying on faith and prayer. All religious groups preach about the power of beliefs. What you believe and expect to happen without question or doubt will happen.

"And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” Positive thinking will make you feel better, positive believing will bring you the life and things you desire.

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours".

And seeing this, the disciples marvelled, saying, “How did the fig tree wither at once?” And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith, and do not doubt, you shall not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it shall happen. And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” (21:20–22)

Ancient mystics, religious groups and scientists are now starting to think along the same lines. To demonstrate the power of belief, different scientists have performed the same experiments at different times and at different locations. You would think they would get the same results, this however is not always the case, although they have done exactly the same experiment the results have varied. This has shown that the result of the tests are decided to a degree by the expectations of what each scientists was expecting to find.

Quantum physicists are now telling us that, when consciousness searches with the expectation that something will be there it creates it, this means what we expect to happen and find usually does, what we think is true becomes the outcome. Most scientists already have a preconception and idea about what they expect to find before they set about doing their experiments, This poses the question that, do we discover things or do we create them based on our preconceived beliefs and expectations of what we believe to be true.

The Placebo Effect 

Sometimes we need something to help us to reinforce a new belief, you can change things through the power of thought alone, however most people like something to help them enforce the changes and improvements the desire. The placebo effect is probably one of the most powerful examples to prove and demonstrate the power of belief. 

The placebo effect is sometimes used as a medication substitute, a definition of  placebo is to insert a belief through giving them something which actually produces real biological changes in humans. If people think that something will help them then the chances are it probably will, this demonstrates the power of the mind and faith.

 it creates 'reality' in a sense, because what we think determines what we can and can't see or do. a person is given something like a sugar pill which as no therapeutic effect for a certain condition they have, the person however has no idea of this and they believe that the pill will help them. As long as the patient thinks the pill is genuine then the mere belief alone that the pill will help them does work. 

There comes a point when you have to switch from the believing to the knowing with certainty, because what ever you believe will determine your energy and your energy will determine what happens and what shows up for you in your life experiences.

The Secret Is Positive Believing

Whether you get what you want or what you don't want will depend on the feelings you evoke and attach to your beliefs and new ways of thinking. Many people recommend affirmations or visualizing to help them to change their lives and manifest their goals and although these two techniques are very powerful when applied right they are near enough useless if you don't already feel good whilst you are using them.

If your coming from a negative state and you use affirmations or visualizing then you will be wasting your time, because it is the feelings that make the belief powerful and true. You have to feel it first before it can manifest itself into your experience, when you say affirmations you need to have a positive response the same applies with visualization. 

If your trying to change your life but you self doubt or feel frustrated about not getting the results you want they that means you don't really believe in the process or yourself. Positive feelings are an indication that you believe in what your doing and you trust with absolute certainty that what you want is coming to you, it's already done.

Thoughts and emotions are important, but the missing ingredient to getting what you want is belief, without it you can dream about success or achieving something day in day out but it will probably not happen unless you believe it will. Because if deep down you doubt or expect to fail then no amount of affirmations or dreaming will help you achieve the success you desire. 

Thoughts can make you feel good, but they powerless in manifesting without the right empowering beliefs, one of the fastest ways to increase the manifesting process and make changes is to raise your energy. But just by being happy and relaxed alone is not always enough, because unless you believe your going to receive or do what you want you might still struggle, the same principal applies if you believe you can but your attaching negative energy to that belief.

As the old saying goes "If you think you can you will, if you think you can't you probably won't". Belief and positive energy combined together are the the two most powerful and potent life energy forces in existence. The formula to creating what you want is, first you think it, then you feel it, then you become it, the belief is the half way to the becoming it. Of course if you want something you still need to take action, but a strong self belief will propel you to where you want to be.

Change Your Beliefs Change Your Life 

The trouble is changing your beliefs can prove very difficult, if your telling yourself one thing but you don't really believe it with the absolute certainty you need then the chances are your mind will reject it. Failure and not happening is one of the strongest and most powerful and destructive beliefs, this can cause people to give in before they have chance to materialize, desperation or wanting something to badly can cause the subconscious mind to feel threatened this causes negative resistance and stress and it can sabotage your efforts.

The subconscious mind only works in the now and it responds too the now, to change your reality you need to act in a state of being and having, this is basically telling yourself you already have what you want. For example: as a young child on Christmas morning you knew you would be getting your presents, you would be excited and you knew with absolute certainty you would receive them, you would not doubt or question it you just expected them to be there. 

The same applies with getting what you want; you have to know it's coming with the same absolute expectation, certainty and excitement while experiencing a positive emotion, once you can get to this level miracles can happen. 

Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

To make any positive changes you first have to know how to collapse any limiting beliefs and the negative habits of the mind you hold about yourself and your circumstances. The only reason why self limiting beliefs are so strong is because you are giving them far too much power and control to them, it is up to you to find ways to change them otherwise you will stay small and limited.

 Some times the harder you try the more difficult it seems to change, you have to learn how to make that jump from trying to becoming. once you manage that things will start to change. The trouble is you cannot trick your feelings and if your not a hundred percent certain then change will prove difficult.

 The trouble is most people have been fed negative and limitations from an early age and as young children we become dependent on what our peers and teachers tell us, if it is good and accurate advice that's OK, but if it is negative and counter productive then it can cause us limitations. You can begin to start to question some of your old unhelpful beliefs and try and change your perceptions. Start to challenge and question some of your old beliefs, have a conversation with yourself, break up and fragment any unhelpful beliefs systems. 

If any limiting beliefs crop up, you can say they that has served me well but that is out dated, unhelpful and inaccurate and then change it to a positive based beliefs. Sew some seeds of doubt to the foundations of any unproductive beliefs. When you start to make new formed beliefs look for any positive evidence of any times in the past when you were lucky, successful or confident to back up and reinforce the new ideas.

Unconscious beliefs are the driving force behind most fears, the difference between unconscious beliefs and conscious ones are, the conscious ones are active and evoking a negative feeling. If your trying to tackle a limiting belief at the point when its causing a negative emotional response then all you will achieve is, you will cause more resistance to it, this will just keep the negative cycle going.

The best time to deal with limitations is when your already feeling good, then change your perceptions and attitude and don't go back to your old ways of thinking. The thing to be aware of is, you cannot make new positive changes to your life, you cannot break free of the past if your still living your life controlled by your old beliefs.



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