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23 Self Improvement Tips 


1. Accept Yourself And Build Your Self Esteem

Are you stuck in a rut which you feel you cannot seem to escape from no matter how hard you try, do you deep down know there is more to you. If you want to end all that internal struggle and outer hardship then perhaps it is time to do things a different way. 

We are all meant to grow, but not at the expense of your well-being and happiness, maybe it is time to give up searching for quick fixes, so it's time to stop trying too hard and start being that person you are really meant to be, and be proud of who and what you are, then move forward. Aim to be the best version of yourself, but ditch the need to be perfect.

The first place to start is to break free of the belief that there is something wrong with you, so ditch all idea's that you need to improve or fix yourself, you need to free yourself from all those negative emotional blocks that have led you to believe you are not worthy, not capable or not deserving. 

The person and life you want already exists, all you need to do is tune into the right frequency, so take a good look into the mirror, stop being to hard on yourself and start to love and praise yourself because self love and self acceptance is the gateway to the new you.

If you embarrass yourself or if you make a mistake, if things aren't going so well right now, just let it go then move on. This site is not about turning you into something your not quite ready for yet, it's about letting go of the past, ending all that negative resistance and embracing the future with a new found optimism and feel good factor. 

Instead of believing you have to change, embrace your true self, live your life in the positive and calm emotions and who knows what you might achieve because there are no limits to your capabilities unless you oppose them onto yourself. Only change because you want to and only if it is going to positively improve your life and not because you think you have to.

2. Deal With Your Negative Thoughts And Emotions 

There is no need for you to have your life ruined by negative thoughts and emotions, you can you know teach yourself to detach yourself from all your negative thoughts and emotions. The best option is to try to change how you feel, when you enter a calm and positive energy your thoughts will automatically become more positive.

The secret to overcoming your negative thought patterns and emotions is not to fight them and suppress them because that approach, first makes them come back at you even stronger, and secondly it will force you into a internal conflict which will only result in more stress and anxiety.

The best way to control your emotions is to surrender to them, once you stop the resistance those troublesome thoughts and emotions will fade away quickly, get out and observe nature more, do things that will take your attention off yourself. 

The less painful way is to just observe them and let them pass bye, become the calm observer of your negative thoughts and feelings without attempting to do anything. Do not let your mind trick you into thinking you have to listen to, do something or follow your thoughts.

Another useful tip is, make sure you do not dehydrate, because when you are evenly slightly dehydrated it can change your mood to a negative one and it can increase your anxiety levels, drink water and spread your consumption regularly throughout your day, do not drink to much all in one go. 

3. You Create Your Own Experiences

We are the creators of our own life experiences, your thoughts, feelings, ideas's, decisions and actions will determine your future. To change your destiny and how you feel you have to change the story you are telling yourself in your mind, I think why so many people struggle to make the changes they want are through a lack of self belief and being to impatient. 

Change can take time, we should all strive to be the best version of ourselves but not at the expense of your well-being and happiness. Sometime change can happen quickly whilst other times it is more gradual and progressive, all our lives are very much work in progress so keep on persevering and keep on enjoying your journey and experience.

4. Creative Problem Solving 

Life is all about having an experience, no body goes through life without facing challenges or having problems they need to overcome along the way. The secret is not to become emotionally engaged in the problem and how quickly you can bounce back. Ditch focusing on the problem and learn how to problem solve, analyse your problem and try and figure things out but don't live in the emotion of the problem.

Why people struggle to deal with their problems is because they focus on the problem so the are always in the energy of it, you have to shift from the energy of the problem or what's causing it. 

This involves stop obsessing about what is or what might go wrong and put your energy onto finding a solution, if there is no solution forthcoming let it go and  move on. To problem solve you need to accept what is and then analyse and look at ways you can do to do things better, always focus on the solution or desired outcome as already achieved.

5. Never Give Up 

Be persistent, determined, stay focused and never quit,  ideally to achieve your desires you need to keep positive, inspired and it is best to enjoy what your doing, but there will be times of frustration and disappointments. Strive to do your best because that's all you can do.

But don't be put off, by others or yourself. Follow your dreams and passions and see them through to completion, there will be times when things go wrong, there will be challenges that you need to overcome, but never ever give up on your dreams. At times when things are not going well, take a short break, vow too yourself no matter what, your going to achieve you goals, even use your frustrations to drive you forwards.

6. Smile Your Way Through Times Of Adversity 

No matter who you are or how well your doing there will be times in your life when everything around you will seem like it is falling apart. The key is how you deal with challenging situations and how quickly you can bounce back and get over disappointments. 

Accept what is and then deal with it and move forward in a positive direction. Do not allow other people or outside influences to grind you down and sap you of your energy, avoid negative minded people as much as possible, if you can't avoid them, reject their doom and gloom. There is always somebody who has gotten over much worst situations and setbacks. Disappointment is just a perception. 

7. Learn How To Relax 

The biggest enemy to the humans race is stress, it is responsible for more problems and health related issues than anything else known to mankind in this modern day era. Everybody should learn how to relax deeply and reduce there stress, when your feeling less stressed and tensed you will feel less threatened in your surrounding environment.

Relaxing deeply will reduce your stress, you will think more clearly, you will be more creative you will feel more confident, vibrant and alive. Learn to be mindful of the thoughts that are causing your stress, negative moods and worry, meditation is a great way of quieten your mind and thus reducing your stress and anxiety.

8. Be Yourself Because Your Special Already

 Although you want to improve, always love and approve of yourself because you are already a unique and special person, self improvement is not the best of terms, because there is nothing wrong with you that needs improving, after all you are a by-product of creation itself and creation does not get things wrong. Still wish to better your life, develop your personal and social but accept and be yourself for the wonderful being you are.

9. Be Creative And Learn New Skills 

 We are the creators on this planet we have been given the gift to create so reduce your stress and focus your attention only on what you want to do or become and learn how to tap into the awesome creative powers and hidden talents that have been sleeping dormant deep inside of you.

Learn more skills and improve on the talents you already have, the more skills you develop the more opportunities you will have in life and remember you are never to old to learn and there are no limits to what you can become, do or achieve.

10. Make The Most Of Your Time

Your time is very valuable and precious so make the most of it, the old saying " Your life is what you make it". We all could make more productive use of our time. Although we need ample amounts of rest and relaxation, it is also important to keep your mind and yourself active and alive. 

Boredom can lead to you becoming stagnant, having no goals to pursue can leave you feeling flat and drained of energy, we need hope and optimism to inspire us and give us a feel of vibrant energy. The golden rule is, make the most of what you have already got, then build on it and become the best version of yourself.

We can get into the habit of spending to much time watching television and going through the motion. Have your deep relaxation half hour too de-stress yourself and recharge your batteries, but keep busy and active but stay calm and relaxed as you pursue your tasks and goals. If your not learning, improving yourself or the life of others your not making the most of your time.

11. Learn More About Yourself

Keep learning more about yourself, life is a journey of experiences, if you develop any problems, forget about focusing on what's bothering you and concentrate on finding out what is behind the root source of your troubles and concerns, let go of all negative emotions, let go of resentment, love more and hate less and go deep inside yourself and find out what's actually causing your stress, fear, anger or low moods, then deal with them.

12. Study And Learn From The Best 

You do not have to try and figure out everything yourself, these days no matter what your problem is or what you need to know there is plenty of information and solutions available. Study the already successful in the field you want to learn about, if you have a problem listen and learn from somebody who has already overcome it.

 Copy and study the successful and what is already proven to work and then try and improve on it. If you do not learn you stay small and you stay stuck where you are. You can save so much time and you can learn so much studying others.

13. Do Not Allow Outside Influence To Determine Your Happiness 

Why so many people struggle through life and never really experience and sustaining long term happiness levels is because they have come to believe that you need things on the outside in order to be happy. The real truth is you need very little to be happy and the only real thing you require is a change in your attitude and perceptions. Try not to allow external influences to determine how you feel.

When you you decide on something then you will achieve it, when you focus on what is, you stay in the energy of what is, when you keep focusing what has or what is going wrong you will stay in the negative energy that matches the problem or situation. There is always two ways of perceiving a situation.

14. Be Kind And Considerate To Others 

Be kind and considerate to others and yourself, sometimes when we argue we only see things from our point of view and we give very little attention to the other side of a disagreement, our egos can wreck relationships and friendships. Do not pursue your own interests or satisfy your own ego at the expense of others.

Although we perceive ourselves as individuals we are all as one, treat others with respect and you will have more chance of them returning it back, it is every bodies duty to forget about their ego and pride every no and again and not deliberately go out of your way to treat others bad or case them any harm. We all have feelings and we all deserve to be treated well.

15. Overcome Your Fears And Anxiety 

 We experience too states in life, we are either positive or fearful, all our stress related issues are linked to fear. It's natural to feel a bit fearful now and again, the problem escalates when you become afraid of fear itself. 

You must make sure it does not take over and consume your life, to stop being afraid of being afraid accept your feelings, to overcome fear you have to learn how to confront it head on, embrace it and let it pass. The more relaxed you are the less fearful you will feel and the easier it is to deal with. It may also be necessary to remove the negative bad memory and emotion associated with the bad experience that started your fear.

16. Never Accept Or Put Up With A Negative Mood 

 We all endure challenging times, we all have low moods, but never accept, tolerate or put up with a negative mood. If your feeling down use everything at you disposal to boost your mood, listen to some happy and up lifting music because my immersing yourself in music you can forget and let go of all your problems and just enjoy the moment. 

If your having a real bad time, have a good cry and then tell yourself your going to put up with this mood for lets say two days and then your going to feel better. Find a way of relaxing deeply, stay in the now choose to be happy, have a good laugh and force yourself to smile.

17. Let Go Of All Negative Resistance 

 Life can become a constant battle with our own mind, but you will not move forward while your fighting yourself. Your mind runs off the experiences we have had, if your always worried about things going wrong it will be met with stress and anxiety, to get out of a negative state you need to feel positive and joyful.

If you are living a life of stress and anxiety life can become a fight with yourself, we cause ourselves far more misery than anybody else could inflict on us, but you will never win by trying to force your negative thoughts and emotions to go away. 

That approach will never work and it will put your mind and body into the survival mode meaning even more worry and anxiety, the best way to deal with fear and negative thoughts is to just observe them, ignore them and just laugh and smile at them, learn to accept what is, then move forward in a more positive direction.

Once you experience prolonged periods stuck in a negative state, it can prove difficult to move up the emotional barometer back to those positive feelings of joy, inner peace and happiness. Getting back to that feel good energy is a process, jumping from a negative to a joyful state all in one go is to big of a jump.

18. Raise Your Energy Vibration 

The universe only deals and speaks in the language of vibration, there are many different cultures and languages, but no matter what your cultural background or what native language you speak, all feelings are universal and the same.

The universe creates the circumstances that match your feelings, all the good things and positive outcomes you want can only be found in the frequency of good feelings and positive emotions, everything that you don't want exists in the negative energy frequencies range.

This means to get what you want you have to feel good about it first, they say money cannot bring you happiness but happiness can bring you more money. We live in a vibrational universe, you cannot be abundant if you don't feel abundant, you cannot be confident unless you first feel confident, things will not go well if your in a negative vibration, things will work out so much better if your in a positive vibration.

We live in a vibrational universe, you cannot be abundant if you don't feel abundant, you cannot be confident unless you first feel confident, things will not go well if your in a negative vibration.

Our feelings can affect our reality, have you ever heard or said the saying, I have a good feeling about this and something good happened or I had a bad feeling about that and something bad occurred. It is not just our thoughts that affect our vibration, our physiology can make a huge difference to how we think, feel and what happens in the world around us.

19. Do Some Regular Exercise 

We all know about the benefits of exercising, it is a great way of reducing stress, losing weight, keeping us fit and flexible and toning up our muscles, you do not have to spend hours doing rigorous exercise routines.

I have bought a push bike to go to work on. It is recommended that shorter exercise routines are better, where you have a few minutes of high intensity workouts and then you slow down for a few minutes and then keep repeating the cycle.

20. Morning Rituals 

Treat every morning as an opportunity to make a fresh start, the first few minutes on awakening in the morning is the best time of the day to forget about yesterday and all your troubles, during this brief window of opportunity before your negativity has time to set in, seize the moment to set yourself up and plan a good and successful day ahead.

This is the time to state your positive intentions, say your affirmations and choose to have a good day, tell yourself things like this is a great day only good things are coming my way. 

Every morning let yourself know that this is going to be your best day ever, the first few minutes when you wake up is the best time to do your creative visualizing, this is when your at your most receptive state, because once you slip into a negative state saying affirmations and visualizing becomes worthless.

21. Life Should Flow Easily And Effortlessly 

Ever wondered why things never seem to work out for you yet others sail through life and everything always seems to work out for them, the simple answer to this is you can try too hard, you can become to desperate and frustrated because your not getting what you want or things are not going too well for you. 

Stop trying to hard, give up on the idea that everything is a struggle. To get what you want and feel good you have to just set your intentions and focus on what you want then just let it happen, let things flow naturally, easily and effortlessly and just get out of the way and allow what you want to find it's easiest path to you, the one of least resistance.

22. Trust In Your Higher Self 

Whenever you have a challenge or problem you want to overcome or if you want to manifest your goals then you must learn to trust you higher self and the universe. What ever answers you seek or whatever you want to bring into your life you have to learn how to allow it to happen.

What ever you want already wants you and already exist, you just have to begin to perceive it's already here or on the way to you, what prevents you from getting what you want is your old negative beliefs and your conscious minds tendency to try and work out and over analyse things. 

Do your ten to fifteen minutes of positive visualizing and believing, focus and concentrate on what you want as a must have, visualize it already done and completed, evoke positive energy with feelings, passion and desire and then after your short meditation session, let it go, forget about it and just trust in your higher self and the universe to bring all the components, synchronicity and information to you. 

You don't have to work out the how, that's the job of the universe, just trust with confidence and certainty, you cannot force things to happen, stop trying to control things consciously or putting time limits on it.

23. Only Deal With Things When Your Feeling Relaxed

Focus on feeling good and at ease before you attempt to pursue your dreams and goals, The first part of self improvement and growth should be to control your emotions and stress. 

Most people fail to make the desired changes because as soon as they develop a problem they, first try and deal with it whilst they are still in a negative state and because they think they have deal with things straight away it causes them to become emotional involved in the problem.

Yes you need to find a solution to your problems, what you must avoid doing is living in the emotion and causing more resistance to it. Dealing with things with the wrong mindset, attitude and energy will make the problem bigger, on the positive flip side, dealing with things once your are calm and relaxed will allow you to more easily come up with or find a solution


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